6 Things to Know About Mother’s Intuition

6 Things to Know About Mother’s Intuition

Experts say we should learn to cultivate and trust our mother’s intuition. Here’s how.

By Laurie Sue Brockway

Somehow, mothers can usually tell when there is something wrong with their kids. I remember an incident when my son was 3 years old. I was in a business meeting and suddenly felt a sharp pain on my lip, and my thoughts went to my child, who was across town. A phone call came in shortly after from his dad saying he had fallen, cut his upper lip, and was getting three stitches. I came to understand that Mother’s Intuition was not something out of the Twilight Zone.

“Mother’s intuition is the deep intuitive blood bond a mother can have with her child,” says psychiatrist Dr. Judith Orloff, author of Guide to Intuitive Healing. “It is a sixth sense mothers have that the child may be in danger or in need.”

“I’ve worked with many mothers over the years who I’ve trained to listen to their intuition,” she says. “Each time they did this with their children, it has paid off. One mother actually got horrible stomach pains and a vision her 18-year-old daughter was in trouble. So, she called the daughter, and it turned out her daughter was in the hospital and needing her appendix out.”

If we can tell our kids are in danger from afar, mother’s intuition may also help us prevent problems or keep them from getting worse. It can also help us weigh and measure the advice of experts against what we intuitively believe is right. Here, experts share the six things you should know about your mother’s intuition.

1. Learn to listen to your gut. Sometimes we shrug off strong feelings, second-guessing ourselves, but experts say to learn to trust those inner voices. “The only way to get in touch with one's intuition is to tune into the inner self, especially when confronted with a challenge or problem,” says Toni Coleman, LCSW, CMC. “Listen to what others have to say, and then listen to yourself. I often caution women clients, especially, to not dismiss their gut feelings because this is so often results in regret.”

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2. Trust you may detect things no one else can. One mom saved her child’s life by paying attention to symptoms that did not show up in tests or examination, says Dr. Michael Howard, a pediatrician with more than 30 years in practice. “I remember a mother telling me that there was something just not right with her 6-year-old,” he recalls. “My exam was benign and the screening labs normal. She brought him back a month later for no other reason than she still felt something was ‘not right’ with him. Through further tests it was discovered he had leukemia. This is just one of many stories that underscore a mom's instincts.”

3. Doctors can benefit from your insights. Never back down if you have a strong sense about something. “A mother bears a child for nine months and seems to possess a sixth sense like no other when things don't align correctly with their child,” says Howard. “One thing I learned was to always listen to a mom when she told me something was amiss or not right with her child, despite the fact I may not have revealed anything on my physical exam.”

4. Understand it is natural. Intuition expert Simone Wright, author of First Intelligence: Using the Science and Spirit of Intuition, points out that everyone possesses intuition. “Mother’s intuition is the natural, inborn intelligence that guides and supports her to deeply know, without external influence, what is truly right, and correct for her child’s best interest and wellbeing,” she says. “But in this world of intellect, data, and rational/ material thought, it is trained, and taught out of us from a very early age.“


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5. Relax and find it. “When the mind is relaxed, the instinctive impulses are present and available,” says hypnotherapist Katherine Agranovich, PhD. “I’d recommend activities that promote mental and emotional relaxation such as yoga, meditation, warm showers or baths, talking walks outside, drinking soothing herbal tea, and getting a massage -- finding ways to enjoy life more. Mindful living promotes and enhances mother’s intuition.”

6. Train yourself to listen. Orloff adds that moms can be educated to identify their true intuitive wisdom. “They can train themselves to be aware of any flashes that come,” she says. “Flashes happen so fast that mothers often miss it.” She suggests this brief exercise:

Get quiet. Turn off cell phones. Close the door. Close your eyes. If thoughts come, picture them as floating by like clouds in the sky. Ask a question such as, “How is my child feeling today?” See what you pick up. Confirm the feeling with the child. Asking questions, then inwardly seeing what the answer is, is a good way to train intuition. Pay attention to any intuitive flashes, or ah-ha moments that come through.

“Mothers can practice trusting their intuition in smaller things so they can get positive feedback that it is right,” says Orloff. “Then, when an intuition comes up about a child they can have more confidence.”

How has your mother’s intuition guided you?

Laurie Sue Brockway is a journalist and author who has written extensively on love, marriage, parenting, wellbeing, and emotional health. Her work has appeared in hundreds of print and online publications, including Everyday Health and The Huffington Post.

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