6 Ways to Give Your Daughter an Instant Confidence Boost

6 Ways to Give Your Daughter an Instant Confidence Boost

These strategies will remind her of your love, and why she should love herself.

By Jeanne Sager

Six is a troubling number for parents of girls. It’s the age when scientists say our daughters begin to doubt their abilities, when their self-esteem begins to plummet, even in the face of all evidence to the contrary.

Researchers at the University of Illinois recently found that “6-year-old girls are less likely than boys to believe that members of their gender are ‘really, really smart.’” By age 6, they say girls are more likely to avoid activities designated for “smart” kids.

Clearly we can’t trap our daughters at age 5, but there are other means to give them the self-esteem boost they need.

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1. Ask her to name one thing she’s proud of from the past week. Is it her band recital performance or that presentation she gave in social studies? Giving her a chance to review her week gives your little girl a means to view it all with fresh eyes, while asking for her proudest moment reminds her it’s okay to boast about the things that really matter.

2. Declare a “compliment dinner.” Ask everyone in the family to come up with one sincere compliment for each other while you’re eating. It could be general or specific to something that occurred that week.

3. Give her a new responsibility in the house. Can she be the one who locks up at night? Or the person who jots down messages from the voice mail? Show her that you put your trust in her to do something important in the household, and you’re telling her that she matters.


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4. Take her shopping. The idea that putting on clothes in the morning is like putting on armor isn’t anecdotal. Scientists have found that clothing choices are intrinsically linked to our self-image. So let her loose to find something that feels like her warrior outfit.

5. Practice self-affirmations together. You may think they sound silly, but science disagrees. Studies have found that stating positive things about yourself can actually boost confidence long term.

6. Get outside and walk with her. Exercise is almost guaranteed to boost your mood, but outside exercise in a “pleasant” environment has been scientifically linked to an increase in self-esteem.

How do you give your girl a little bit of a boost?

Jeanne Sager is a freelance writer, photographer and social media junkie. She lives in upstate New York with her husband, daughter, and way too many pets. You can follow her @JeanneSager.

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