6 Ways to Make Your Kid's Teacher Happy on Valentine's Day

6 Ways to Make Your Kid's Teacher Happy on Valentine's Day

Help your child’s teacher avoid a headache on Valentine’s Day.

By: Maria Mora

By the time Valentine’s Day finally arrives, your work is already done. You’ve helped your child address every valentine, you’ve packed up the candy, and you can relax at home while your child parties at school. Your child’s teacher, on the other hand, has to deal with one of the most hectic and chaotic classroom party days. Give her a break from the headache of Valentine’s Day with these thoughtful gestures.

1. Treat her. Give her a sweet Valentine's Day card with a small token of appreciation. A handwritten note of thanks is always appropriate, but you'll really make her day if you throw in a small gift certificate to a local coffee shop or salon.

2. Simplify valentines. Don't address valentines for kids by name if your child is too young to read. Your child's teacher doesn't have time to help read and distribute every valentine for every single child. Stick to named notes only if your child is old enough to write and read the names.

3. Limit the candy. These days, teachers typically need to confiscate candy due to allergies in the classroom. Don't send valentines loaded up with tons of candy. Stick to something small and generally allergy safe, like a lollipop.

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4. Help out. Send your child to school with a few items from the classroom wish list. Teachers use their own resources to decorate the classroom for Valentine's Day. A nice way to show your appreciation is to help re-stock on essentials like hand sanitizer and tissues.

5. Volunteer your time. You don't need to be class mom to make a difference. Volunteer only on class party days. Valentine's Day can be hectic and a few extra sets of hands to help with crafts or serve treats go a long way toward preserving the teacher's sanity.

6. Recommend a babysitter. If your child’s teacher has kids, do her a favor and recommend a babysitter you know and love. She might not use the babysitter on Valentine’s Day, but any mom appreciates a great recommendation.

Whether you have Valentine’s Day plans or not, rest easier knowing you helped out one of the most important people in your child’s life. If anyone is deserving of love year-round, it’s a teacher.

Maria Mora is a single mom, editor, and hockey fanatic. She lives with her two sons in Florida.

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