7 Kids Share How They Really Felt About Moving to a New Home

7 Kids Share How They Really Felt About Moving to a New Home

Each kid has his own unique, emotional perspective on moving from one home to another.

By Lorraine Allen

Moving is always an exciting time, but it’s also stressful and hectic, and there’s a ton of uncertainty about it. What will the new place be like? Who will the new neighbors be? Some questions can be answered by simple research beforehand, but you truly never know what a place will feel like, or how your neighbors will be, until you live there.

Although moving throws everything up in the air, it also brings lots of great new opportunities: for friendship, discovery, fun, and learning. But for many kids doing it for the first time, moving brings out lots of new, sometimes hard feelings. Here, seven kids share their recent personal experiences.

1. “I love my new home, because it’s so much bigger and nicer than the last one. It has a yard! And I like my new school. I don’t really miss my old place because it was so loud. I miss my friends, but I still get to see them so it’s not so bad.” -- Stacy B., 9, who moved from one Connecticut town to another nearby

2. “I am so tired of moving! We move all the time, and I can’t ever see my friends. The time change makes it so hard to even video chat them! I like seeing new places, but I’m really sad when I have to leave all my friends, forever! It’s the worst.” -- Jack K., 10, who most recently moved from Madrid, Spain to London, England and then to New York City

3. “When we moved to Philly it was OK, because my whole family came, and my dogs and cat, and all our things. Even my piano! But I wish my dance teacher would do classes here. And also, I wish we could move back to Boston.” -- Josie K., 7, who moved from Massachusetts to Pennsylvania

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4. “I guess I don’t mind. I keep moving back and forth, because my parents got divorced, but I like both places. And I like to see my mom and my dad. I have friends in both places because I went to school in Brooklyn until first grade, then in D.C. until third grade, and now I’m back in Brooklyn because my mom got a bigger place and I like that school better. It’s fine. It’s not even that far.” -- Andrea T., 11, who moves back and forth between New York City and Washington, D.C.


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5. “I want to move again! I don’t like it here. I want to move to the beach where my grandma lives! In Florida!” -- Harley Y., 6, who moved to New York from California

6. “They don’t have good bagels here like back home, and that’s sad. But it’s always sunny so that’s nice. I just miss the snow. And jumping in the leaves in the fall. Also going swimming, because it’s too cold to swim here, even though it’s sunny and hot! I don’t get it!” -- Allen H., 7, who moved from New York to California

7. “When we moved, I didn’t like it because my mom like throwed away all my toys! She is so mean! Also, we had a stoop sale, and I got $9. I think she said we can have another one soon. That was fun. I don’t know if we’re moving again, but we can still sell more stuff, so I can get more money.” -- Grace E., 5, who moved from New York to New Jersey

What has moving from one home to another been like for your kids?

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