7 Kids Share Their Best Ever Day of School

7 Kids Share Their Best Ever Day of School

It’s no surprise that these kids liked the silliest, weirdest days most.

By Lorraine Allen

Watch out, world. School’s out for the summer! Any mom knows just how much kids cannot wait for school to end, to toss their book bags on the ground with a loud thump one last time before forgetting all about quizzes, homework, and basically everything they just had drilled into them by all their teachers over the last long 10 months of school.

But it’s also a time for reflection on the school year that was. Here, seven kids share their Best Day of School, so far.

1. “Butterfly day was my favorite. We got to wear wings, and some of us made paper ones, and then we all went outside and visited this garden that we had planted flowers in, last spring, and there were millions of butterflies everywhere! They were ALL over. One landed on my head. And one was on my friend’s back. And one was on my teacher’s hand!” -- Ariel G., 7, first grade

2. “My favorite day was pajama day. I didn’t even have to get dressed! I wish every day was pajama day.” -- Lola H., 5, pre-K

3. “The time we walked over the Brooklyn Bridge last year. It was so loud and so, SO big. And it’s really high. You can see the whole city. And like half the country. And it’s made out of wood! So then, we made our own bridges with sticks, and it was hard. I don’t know how they built that bridge, but it’s awesome.” -- Jake K., 8, second grade

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4. “When we went to the zoo and saw the baby sheep and alpaca. They have big teeth and were slobbering all over. And I got to feed them. I wasn’t scared. Some kids were scared, but not me!” -- Suzie B., 7, kindergarten


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5. “Every year we go to Chinatown, and we share a big meal all together, with the whole class -- all 24 of us. And we get to buy things, in Chinese!” -- Amanda O., 10, fourth grade

6. “We have a day when we do our own evaluations with our parents, instead of our teachers doing it. The teachers watch and listen, but we get to show our parents ourselves everything we worked on in class all year. It’s cool. And it’s at the end of the year so it’s right before my most favorite day, which is the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!” -- Adam Z., 9, third grade

7. “I liked the day we went hiking in the woods to be like John Muir, who discovered America, and we made field notebooks, and they showed us how to identify trees from the bark and leaves. Because they are all different, for every tree.” -- Gabriel P., 6, kindergarten

What was your kid’s favorite day of school, ever?

Lorraine Allen is a writer, and mom and personal chef to one spunky 6-year-old girl with severe food allergies. You can enjoy their delicious recipes and follow their amusing family cooking adventures at Feeding Lina.

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