7 Moms’ Most Surprisingly Easy Parenting Moments

7 Moms’ Most Surprisingly Easy Parenting Moments

Things these moms thought would be hard to teach their kids were no trouble at all!

By Lorraine Allen

When raising kids, and teaching them basic skills they need to succeed in everyday life, many parents refer back to their own experiences. We remember how we learned certain things, and maybe how our parents taught us. What was really hard, and even traumatic, and what was not. And we kind of assume that our kids will likely have similar experiences as we teach them things. But sometimes, parents assume a certain lesson will be really difficult to get across, only to find themselves completely, happily surprised by how easily their own kids pick it up or deal with it.

For me, my own experience of learning to ride a bike took so long that I still remember it decades later. I definitely thought teaching my own kid to ride a bike would be a huge ordeal, too, and I kind of dreaded it! But one day – at not even 5 years old – she just picked up a friend’s older sister’s bike and started pedaling. We couldn’t believe it! We bought her a bike for her birthday a few months later and never had to struggle with teaching her at all!

Here are similar stories from other moms:

I had the hardest time getting our two older sons to pick up after themselves, (I still do), and it drove me crazy! So I was floored when my third child, my daughter, started organizing and lining all her toys up each day, before she even started kindergarten. Her room is always so neat. It warms my heart, and makes my day!” -- Melanie, mom of three

“My kid has always been happy to eat whatever food I give him; it’s so nice! He’s the least picky eater I have ever met. I’m so grateful, because I see how many moms struggle to get their kids to eat different foods. Or sometimes just any food. I struggle with many aspects of motherhood, but not this, happily.” -- Stacey, mom of one

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“I thought my darling little boy would freak out when his baby sister was born because he was just hitting his ‘terrible two’ stage, and he was obviously not going to be the only star of the show anymore. But he is the sweetest big brother I could imagine. He kisses and reads to his baby sister all day long. He even tells me to pay more attention to her!” -- Rachel, mom of two



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“My 12-year old daughter is always so much more laidback and mature about major life changes than I expect she will be. Like when I got divorced recently, I was anxious for her, but she took it calmly. ” -- Doreen, mom of one

“My kids both love eating fruit and vegetables. I can’t believe it, because I hated them all. Honestly, I still kind of do, but I know they are important for good health so I don’t tell my kids.” -- Ann, mom of two

“I was terrified that my daughter would never, ever be ready to give up her paci. I lost sleep worrying what she do without it, how she would live. Whether she would go to college with it… She sucked on that thing 24/7 for three years straight! When the dentist said we should stop using it, we tried the ‘binky fairy’ trick I read about online, and she literally only cried for 10 minutes, two nights in a row. Then never mentioned it again! It was super easy! She got the new big girl toy she asked the binky fairy for instead, and that was that.” -- Whitney, mom of three

What parenting moment that you dreaded turned out to be surprisingly easy?

Lorraine Allen is a writer and mom to one spunky first-grader and one squirrel-obsessed dog. You can follow their allergy-friendly cooking adventures at Feeding Lina.

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