8 Hilarious Excuses Kids Have Used to Avoid Going to Bed

8 Hilarious Excuses Kids Have Used to Avoid Going to Bed

Because sometimes, they’re just too tired to even think about falling asleep!

By Amanda Genge

Bedtime battles are one of the most universal parenting struggles. At some time or another, all kids will resist the siren song of their cozily made beds in the hopes of staying up just a little longer. Why they balk at bedtime remains a mystery to me, since if someone wanted to tuck me into bed at 8pm with a story and rub my back for 5 minutes until I fell asleep, I WOULD BE ALL FOR THAT.

Last week, my 7-year-old was basically asleep at the wheel after dinner. He could barely keep his eyes open through his shower, and practically dozed off while putting on his pajamas. But the second I pointed at the clock and told him it was time for bed, he growled at me and told me he was simply too tired to even go to bed, and would instead have to sit and watch TV some more. I mean, what??

Eventually he did make it into bed, where he fell asleep almost immediately (of course). But the episode prompted me to ask around to see what other ridiculous excuses kids have come up with to delay their own bedtimes. The answers did not disappoint!

“My daughter routinely tells me that her eyes won't close. Like, as if something is wrong with her and her eyes are broken.” – Kacey, mom of three, Virginia

“‘I'm not comfortable. There's a tag in my pajamas. I want to sleep downstairs.’” – Sharon, mom of two, New Jersey

“My son has said several times, ‘Mommy I know you don't like to be by yourself so I will stay up with you.’” – Susan, mom of one, New Jersey

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“All of her stuffed cats are staring at her, so she must get up and turn all of them (and there are a lot) around; she can't see the night skyline when her eyes are closed (ummm, duh); she can't remember how to fall asleep...oy...” – Heather, mom of one, New York


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“‘There's a butterfly on my night table!’ (A tiny moth was later discovered flying around in the stairwell.)” – Jane, mom of two, New York

“‘My fingers are too busy talking to each other right now.’” – Holly, mom of two, California

“‘The earlier you put me to bed, the more times I will wake up and cry.’” – Mandi, mom of two, Arizona

What crazy excuses have your kids used to avoid going to bed?

Amanda Genge is a writer, editor, and mom of two boys who admits she sometimes acquiesces to her kids’ absurd requests to postpone bedtime.

Image ©iStock.com/diego_cervo

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