8 Random Things Toddlers Accidentally Mess Up for Their Moms

8 Random Things Toddlers Accidentally Mess Up for Their Moms

Think your boss will believe that YOU’RE not the person who just sent that weird email?

By Nicole Fabian-Weber

Toddlers, adorable beings that they are, have a knack for throwing a wrench into pretty much any situation in life. For instance, you know how some people can, well, sit for five minutes? When you have a toddler, not so much. Moms of 2-, 3-, and even 4-year-olds have to be on our toes at all times -- am I right? Otherwise, who knows what could happen? Here, eight super weird situations you may find yourself in, thanks to your toddler.

1. You send weird/cryptic/inappropriate text messages. And possibly call people you haven't spoken to in about four years. Well, you don't. But, if your tot happens to get her hands on your cell phone, who knows what buttons her little fingers will press before hitting send? (Or delete.) Nothing like having to quickly hang up on that random dude you used to work with.

2. The holiday cookies/birthday cake/pancakes you were making look ... different. Of course, this is part of the fun, but if you've got a toddler in the house, don't expect anything you bake to look, well, edible. Best to invite the little chef into the kitchen when you don't have company.

3. You suddenly sound rude. You don't have a lot of time for phone convos or lengthy text messaging when you've got a toddler. So what happens? You wind up resorting to never answering your phone and/or writing one-word text answers to your friends -- and this makes you look rude, curt, and like you don't have time for them. Awesome! If you could text them, "Sorry, I can't answer my phone right now -- little Jimmy is crawling all over me! -- but I'm SUPER EXCITED for our plans this weekend!" you would. But, you can't. So, you simply write "Yes" when your friend asks if you're still on for Saturday.

4. You just emailed WHOM?! Again, toddlers and technology just don't mix. So, if you accidentally left your computer open around your little one, don't be surprised if you see that "you" just sent your boss the following email: "skghaergkhaergiuyeraghiuergesrgy!khf" Have fun explaining that!

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5. You become a wildebeest when out to eat. No, you're not actually so starving that you must shovel food into your mouth at the speed of light when you go to a restaurant. It's just ... you've got your kids with you. Basically, you have two choices when you bring your toddler(s) with you out to dinner: Order food, and then have the waiter box it up since you’re leaving because your child is tired/annoyed/crazy/has to pee, or eat as fast as you possibly can and deal with everything else later.


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6. Your clothes stop fitting. No, the reason your clothes are too tight isn't because you haven't shed the pregnancy weight, and -- hate to break it to you -- the reason they're too baggy isn't because you lost weight. It's because you can't try anything on anymore! Just try going clothes shopping with a toddler or two in tow!

7. Your house has random junk food in it. Picture the scene: You're at the grocery store with your toddler when she surreptitiously tosses a box of cookies in the cart when you're not looking ... only to have you discover them at checkout. Now, picture this scene: telling your toddler that she can't have that box of cookies when you're trying to get out of the store/have a million people in line behind you. Spoiler alert: You buy the cookies, regardless of how much processed sugar is in them.

8. You wind up watching the most ridiculous television. No, I'm not talking about mindlessly watching kids' shows because that's what your little one is watching. I'm talking about zoning out to high school basketball on TV at night, because that's what your toddler inadvertently recorded while messing with the remote (while managing to un-record the show you really wanted to watch). Why watch it? Because at the end of a day with a toddler, you're just too tired to do anything else!

What things does your toddler "mess up" in your life?

Nicole Fabian-Weber is the mama to a sweet toddler girl and an equally sweet baby boy. She lives outside of NYC and writes for The Stir and numerous other online publications.

Image ©iStock.com/kate_sept2004

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