8 Reasons Working Dads Envy Their Stay-at-Home Wives

8 Reasons Working Dads Envy Their Stay-at-Home Wives

Being a stay-at-home mom is not glamorous, but there are envious perks, say some husbands.

By Lorraine Allen

Most people agree that staying home to raise kids and be a housewife is not the glamorous job that ‘50s TV sitcoms made it out to be. We stay-at-home moms don’t walk around with manicured nails, hair perfectly coiffed, wearing pretty dresses while our kids play perfectly together, and the laundry magically washes, presses, and folds itself and gets put away all on its own. And our husbands don’t get to come home at 5:30 p.m. sharp from their steady jobs with pensions and unquestionable security, with smiles on their faces, ready to sit down and enjoy a perfect pot roast with their smiling wives, all pretty and pressed, and those well-behaved kids in equally spotless, neat clothes. Nope. We all know better than all that.

And yet, somewhat surprisingly, there are still plenty of reasons some men really envy their stay-at-home wives. Here, eight men explain where they’re coming from.

1. “I know it’s not fun changing diapers and mopping vomit and doing laundry all day, but there’s something about not needing to get dressed up in a suit and tie, or worry about matching socks, AT ALL, that’s just awesome to me. I would give up a lot, just to experience that for a year. (Then, I’m sure it would get real old! Ha!)” -- Ben, dad of twins

2. “I love the spontaneity of parenthood. It’s so much more exciting to me than office work, board meetings, deadlines, and all the predictable, stressful stuff a job brings. Home with kids all day, you never know what’s coming next: a paper airplane contest, a case of chicken pox, spilled cereal all over the floor. And the next minute, there’s a unicorn in your closet, your left shoe has vanished, and a toilet is overflowing. It’s just more exciting. It keeps you on your toes. It makes you feel ALIVE! It’s the true opposite of the gradgrind of an office job, I think.” -- Jason, dad of three

3. “I’m just jealous of the sweatpants, I’m not going to lie. And the occasional hugs you get -- but I know those are rare.” -- Claudio, dad of one

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4. “I wish I could have the flexible schedule my wife enjoys. I know she’s tied down to school and sports schedules, too, but when the kids are not home, she can plan her time as she chooses. I work for a huge corporation, and it’s always, ‘We need this now, do that now. Now do this other thing. Right now.’ It’s soul-crushing, on some level, to not feel that you own your time, all day long. My wife owns her time, and I envy that a lot!” -- Mike, dad of two

5. “She can snack anytime. How awesome is that? I’m always starving at work. Sooo hungry! I count the hours until lunch, then until dinner.” -- Victor, dad of one


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6. “I don’t envy a lot of what my wife does, but what’s cool is she can do it with other mom friends who are home with their kids. If I could do it all with my buddies, I would love that.” -- Sam, dad of three

7. “I know staying home and giving up your career is really hard on women, but sustaining a career, in this economy, for like 40 years, feels harder. It’s just so much pressure and stress. I envy her not shouldering that burden.” -- Aaron, dad of two

8. “I envy my wife not sitting all day long at a computer. What she does is often physically demanding or exhausting, I get that. But she can sit down when she needs to. I would take that kind of activity any day over sitting at a desk for decades. It’s not even healthy. Have you seen all those headlines? Sitting is really bad for you.” -- Mike, dad of three

What might your husband envy about a stay-at-home mom’s job?

Lorraine Allen is a writer, and mom and personal chef to one spunky 6-year-old girl with severe food allergies. You can enjoy their delicious recipes and follow their amusing family cooking adventures at Feeding Lina.

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