9 Moms Reveal Their Dream Summer Vacation

9 Moms Reveal Their Dream Summer Vacation

From surfing to dancing the tango or lying in a hammock, these moms’ dreams all rock!

By Lorraine Allen

Aaaahhhh! Summertime! Is there any other word that conjures up more joy, sunshine, and happiness? (Not in my mind!) Jumping waves, walking barefoot. Ice cream. Bike rides. Fireflies. Of course, we moms also know that summer brings lots of extra work too, in the form of keeping our kids busy and occupied. There are camp forms to fill out, and bug spray and sunscreen to apply, endlessly. Bandages for those bike falls. Loads and loads of extra muddy, sandy, grass-stained laundry. Broken windows from ball throwing. Bee stings. Constant snacks, picnics, and cool drinks to shop for, prep, and pack.

Yup, summers are lovely, warm, and very long, when you’re a mom. And we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t stop and daydream, if just for a moment or two, about the ultimate summer vacations we secretly wish we were each planning. Here, nine moms share their ultimate dream summer vacation. (I sincerely hope they all get to plan them someday soon, because they all sound amazing to me!)

1. “I would train for an Ironman competition.” -- Heather, mom of 3

2. “It would be to do what we usually do, which is enjoy some time at my family’s old lake house upstate, but it would be fully catered, and perfectly clean, and the kids would get along the whole time, and it would be QUIET. And I could have time for yoga, and reading, and relaxing in the hammock. Like, really actually relax there. Like when I was a kid!” -- Marissa, mom of four

3. “I think I would hike the Appalachian trail with my husband. It’s something we’ve always wanted to do together, but just never seem to be able to find half the time we would need.” -- Margaret, mom of one

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4. “My dream summer vacation would be to learn to surf, and then have some time to enjoy practicing it. Maybe in Hawaii. Somewhere beautiful, with warm, clear water, nice waves, and pristine beaches. Yeah!” -- Heidi, mom of two

5. “I wish I could take three months and finish my novel. It’s been my dream my whole life.” -- Erin, mom of three


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6. “If I could do anything, I would travel around South America for a few months. I want to ride a canoe through the rainforest in Brazil, and hike in the Andes. And learn to tango in Argentina.” -- Amina, mom of two

7. “I’ve always dreamed of having a beach house, so I guess renting one for one whole summer, and just parking it there, toes in the sand, with my family, would be all I wish for. I could just stare at the sea for three months and feel totally blissed out!” -- Justine, mom of one

8. “I would visit my sister in Hong Kong. I’ve never been, and I miss her like crazy!” -- Lucy, mom of two

9. “I would go somewhere with my husband. Someplace new, that we both would be really excited to check out. Maybe Greece? We haven’t taken a trip alone or gone anywhere new and exciting since our honeymoon -- and that was 12 years ago!” -- Kim, mom of three

What would be your ultimate dream summer vacation?

Lorraine Allen is a writer, and mom and personal chef to one spunky 6-year-old girl with severe food allergies. You can enjoy their delicious recipes and follow their amusing family cooking adventures at Feeding Lina.

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