9 Moms Share How Summer Camp Spoils Their Summer

9 Moms Share How Summer Camp Spoils Their Summer

Whether it’s a necessary evil or intended as a treat, sending kids to camp is no picnic.

By Leah Maxwell

Summer camp is a fantastic way to keep kids active and entertained during the summer, and for working parents it can be a lifesaver. But even if the whole family agrees that camp is a wonderful addition to the summertime schedule, it’s not all sunshine and roses. For the parents, camp brings with it a new batch of rules and hassles and places for the kids to rip a hole in their new shorts. By the time it’s over, many parents are welcoming the regular routine of school. Here, nine moms confess what they dread about summer camp … even before it starts.

1. “Why have they not yet figured out good pick-up/drop-off systems?! We’re in a very suburban area, and there is much getting out of cars, waiting in sweltering heat, and dragging other kiddos in/out.” -- Dawn K., Topeka, Kansas

2. “I hate having to wash the camp T-shirt every darn day.” -- Krista R., San Francisco, California

3. “It bugs me when they don’t start on time. We drop off outside and have to wait for the counselors to arrive before leaving ... If they are even a few minutes late it drives me crazy. They have a staff meeting in the morning, so they all come from that.” -- Kate D., Cleveland, Ohio

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4. “Camp counselors who are perky and peppy and young enough to be my children remind me every day that I’m ooooold.” -- Amy H., Baltimore, Maryland

5. “With different camps every week, I’m dreading having to keep track of where to drop off and pick up all summer. I like routine.” -- Betsy B., El Cerrito, California

6. “I dread the tired, cranky camper at pick-up. A day of swimming and running = jerk 8-year-old at night.” -- Danielle R., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


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7. “I hate that when my kids come home from camp they expect me to act like a counselor and have a super-awesome activity planned for them every second of the day. Um, that’s why I send you away to camp, children!” -- Lina, Oakland, California

8. “I don’t like having camps for three kids that do not line up with drop-off/pick-up times or locations. And half-day camps are more of a [pain] than a help to me.” -- Andrea B., San Diego, California

9. “I hate that I still have to get up early on weekdays for my kid to make the camp bus on time. In some ways, camp really just feels like summer school, at least for the parents.” -- Melissa F., San Francisco, California

What’s your least favorite thing about summer camp?

Leah Maxwell is a book editor, freelance writer, cereal addict, wife, and mom to two young boys. She has been blogging at A Girl and a Boy since 2003.

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