9 Parents Share How They Get Through Cold & Flu Season With Their Kids

9 Parents Share How They Get Through Cold & Flu Season With Their Kids

It’s not easy for any family to stay sane when kids are home sick!

By Lorraine Allen

Cold and flu season: It’s the worst! Oh, how those hateful germs spread. Yuck! And it doesn’t seem to matter how many hand wipes you use either, because one sneeze on a school bus or one person with the flu in your spouse’s office is sometimes all it takes to get the whole family sick. But parents are strong and resilient, thankfully, and somehow, we all pull through each year. Here, nine parents share how they get by in this difficult, dreaded time of year.

1. “Ugh! My husband is a teacher, so he gets sick every year, with the kids! I honestly just pray that these bugs go around our house only once a winter, because when they keep cycling around between husband and kids, and eventually me, it gets crazy!” -- Vera, mom of three

2. “My husband and I split sick time with kids pretty evenly because we both work, so there is not one designated parent to stay home and take care of sick kids. There have been a few winters when we are all sick at once, and that was brutal. I wanted to call in the army reserve for help!” -- Meg, mom of two

3. “Things are easier now that our kids are older. They don’t seem to get sick as much, and they don’t cry for Mommy all night if they do get sick. But having twins, when they were little, was rough in flu season because they only both wanted me to hold them! I’m glad that’s behind us.” -- Alicia, mom of two

4. “My wife, honestly, is the caretaker. I try to help, I mop up vomit, and make chicken soup and hot tea when I’m asked. But she’s the one thinking of everything. She knows all the little tricks to help the kids feel better when they are sick. She’s amazing!” -- Bob, dad of three

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5. “We take turns taking care of sick kids, but because I have to get up really early for work, she mostly deals with the nighttime nurse duties, and I know that’s the worst. If one of us gets sick, we sleep on the basement couch, because if both parents in our home are sick, with two little kids, it’s the end.” -- Evan, dad of two

6. “My mom helps a lot. This winter, we all got the flu, and even though she’s pretty old, she came over with some hot meals and put on rubber gloves and a face mask and did all our dishes, and brought more fever meds and toilet paper, and even walked the dog in the snow. She’s my Mary Poppins!” -- Nissa, mom of two


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7. “I deal with most of the childcare, sick or not sick, but I cannot deal when it’s a stomach flu, because I instantly throw up when I see someone vomit. So, my husband deals with all that, and I guess it evens things out.” -- Stephie, mom of three

8. “My wife works from home, so automatically, she is stuck caring for our kid if he is home sick from school. But if she has to travel for work, or if she gets sick too, which luckily does not happen too often, I’ll take a day off work and take over.” -- Eric, dad of one

9. “I stock up on vitamins, chicken soup, tissues, and stuff like that every fall, when school starts and the germs begin to spread. So, when we do all get sick, at least we’re well prepared. It definitely helps!” -- Rachel, mom of three

How do you get through cold and flu season with your family?

Lorraine Allen is a writer, and mom and personal chef to one spunky 6-year-old girl with severe food allergies. You can enjoy their delicious recipes and follow their amusing family cooking adventures at Feeding Lina.

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