9 Ways You Know You've Been Home With the Kids Too Long

9 Ways You Know You've Been Home With the Kids Too Long

Been stuck home with the kids for too long? It may be time to get out!

By Nicole Fabian-Weber

Having the opportunity to be home with your kids is one of the greatest gifts there is. You never have to worry about missing a milestone, you get to watch your children grow physically and emotionally every day, you get as many kisses and snuggles as you want. But also ... it can be a little maddening at times. Sure, little kids are cute, but let's be frank here: They're not exactly the most stimulating conversationalists.

Here, nine ways you know you may have been around them a little too long … and need a bit of time around other grownups STAT.

1. You cannot stop talking when you go out with your friends (or are around other adults). You want the gossip! You want to talk about the latest drama on your favorite reality TV show! You just want to talk to someone over the age of 3! I mean, you love your kids and all, but it would be so nice to hear a response that isn't "no."

2. You're the go-to person when someone spills something or gets dirty. When you do get the opportunity to sneak away from your kids, odds are you're the person everyone turns to when someone spills a drink or makes a mess. Being that you're always with your kids, clearly you're going to have some magical stain-removing gadget in your purse. (I mean, come on, you'd never leave home without that thing!)

3. You automatically look up when someone says "Mom" -- even if you're not with your kids. And, conversely, it takes you a minute to answer when someone uses your actual name -- you're so used to being addressed as "Mom," "Mommy," "Mama," or some derivation!

4. You've actually started to cut up your friend's food when you were out to lunch with her. Hey, she's lucky you didn't dip your napkin in water and wipe her mouth while you were at it.

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5. You say you have to "go potty." Instead of saying you need to "use the restroom" like a normal adult, you automatically slip into toddler speak when it comes to anything having to do with the bathroom. (See also "oopsie," "ouchie," and "boo boo.")


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6. You rock back and forth when you're in line at the grocery store. If you have a baby you've been rocking to sleep, you pretty much can't turn off your rocking, no matter where you are.

7. You constantly have kids' songs stuck in your head. Even when you get to sneak away for a bit, you randomly find yourself humming "Wheels on the Bus" -- and you can't stop!

8. You eat way too many kids' snacks. You're pressed for time. You're hungry. You look inside your bag. You eat a cereal bar. And you may have eaten a pouch of baby food before.

9. Your kids start telling you where things are. Typically, moms are the ones who know where every single thing is in the house. But when you're with your kids nonstop, you may start to lose it a little, and they'll become the responsible ones!

What would you add to this list?

Nicole Fabian-Weber is the mama to a toddler girl and a baby boy. She lives outside of NYC and writes for The Stir and numerous other online publications. Right now she’s probably fantasizing about sleep.

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