9 Women Reveal the Moments That Made Them Feel Like Bad Moms

9 Women Reveal the Moments That Made Them Feel Like Bad Moms

Because we’ve all felt at times like we’re doing a less-than-stellar job at parenting.

By Leah Maxwell

If you went into motherhood expecting to be perfect and successful at everything on the first try, you probably figured out pretty quickly that parenting involves lots of trial and error and, more often that we’d like to admit, moments of embarrassing #momfail that make us feel like maybe we weren’t cut out for this gig after all. The good news is, it happens to all of us, and here to confess their moments of less-than-stellar parenting are nine brave moms who dared complete the sentence, “I felt like a bad mom when ...”

1. “I felt like a bad mom when I realized I’d put my toddler’s shoes on the wrong feet, and he’d been walking around like that all day. Oops.” -- Justine K., Berkeley, California

2. “I felt like a bad mom when my 3-year-old responded to the question, ‘What’s something your mommy says to you all the time?’ with [a swear word] she’d heard accidentally on TV. Her brother’s response was, ‘I love you, but I really need to concentrate right now.’ (At least ‘I love you’ came first?)” -- Anna O., Cannon Falls, Minnesota

3. “I felt like a bad mom when I discovered my baby wasn’t crying in the crib just because she didn’t want to sleep but rather because she’d gotten her hammy thigh stuck between the crib bars.” -- Elsha V., Overland Park, Kansas

4. “I felt like a bad mom when my kid quoted a TV commercial word for word.” -- Liz B., Austin, Texas

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5. “I felt like a bad mom when I gave my infant son a book to distract him so I could get something done, and before I knew it he had EATEN part of it. Not just chewed. EATEN. (The pediatrician gave us that particular book, so surely it’s nontoxic, right? Right?!).” -- Miriel R., Rochester, Minnesota

6. “I felt like a bad mom when my son refused to drink his sippy of milk, and I kept telling him to stop whining and drink it, and then my husband opened the lid and smelled it and the milk was completely sour. Sorry, son!” -- Jen R., Draper, Utah


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7. “I felt like a bad mom when I totally lost my patience with my super-cranky, difficult 2-year-old daughter only to discover she had a fever of 102.” -- Angela C., Seattle, Washington

8. “I feel like a bad mom when I make my kids stop singing because I just can’t handle the off-key pop tunes any longer. They’re having so much fun, but I am also going insane, so something’s gotta give.” -- Alice M., San Diego, California

9. “I feel like a bad mom when I start another episode.” -- Rachel T., Dallas, Texas

What “bad mom” moments do you dare confess?

Leah Maxwell is a book editor, freelance writer, cereal addict, wife, and mom to two young boys. She has been blogging at A Girl and a Boy since 2003.

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