Bringing Fútbol to Your Girls

Bringing Fútbol to Your Girls

Don’t let your girls miss out on the joys of soccer!

By: Aimelin F.

The reasons range from the cultural to the economic, but there is an underrepresentation of Latinas in soccer. Our girls are missing out on the benefits this global sport brings. So let’s capitalize on the hype now and get them involved. How? It’s easier than you thought!

Start Talking
We all have pretty busy days, but talking to your girls about fútbol traditions in your country does not take a lot of time. Let them fall in love with your memories of the game. It will spike their interest and give you something to talk about.

Play the Game 
Many girls want to be ballerinas, which is fine, but ballet isn’t for everyone. Keep in mind your girl’s likes, personality and skills, but try introducing her to the game in the backyard. There are girls who like to run around and spend hours outdoors. Take this as an opportunity to incorporate a ball into the scene.


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My Home is My Stadium
Invite her to watch TV when your home country’s team is playing. If your home country isn’t in the big tournament, there’s always the U.S. team. There are several footballers of Latin origin on the U.S. team!

Taking the Field
Another benefit is that fútbol can keep your girls in school. Thanks to it, they develop a healthy sense of belonging, and can pursue a higher education through athletic scholarships via Soccer Sisters, Orange County Women’s soccer League and the Houston Women’s Soccer Association.

Being active can help girls increase their aerobic capacity and cardiovascular health. It is a team sport, which teaches them to work together, as well as develop confidence in themselves and others. And next time you take her to the park, show her that above all, fútbol is about family.


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