Holiday Gifts that Tire Kids Out, So Parents Enjoy More Peace!

Holiday Gifts that Tire Kids Out, So Parents Enjoy More Peace!

With these fun presents, kids will keep busy and burn energy so parents can chill out!

By Lorraine Allen

Parents, the most wonderful time of the year is approaching! There will be laughter, there will be cheer. There will be good food, and family, and friends. And of course, there will be gifts, mostly for our kids. As you plan your holiday shopping this year, take a moment to consider these activity-promoting items, which will help tire them out so they’ll sleep better, and allow the grownups to enjoy more peace and rest. And if that’s not the best gift we can give ourselves, I don’t know what is!

At the top of this list is anything that promotes bouncing: a mini basketball hoop for their bedrooms; small or large trampolines; a pogo stick; jump ropes; a rug with hop-scotch stitched on, or even some chalk or a roll of long paper to draw a hop-scotch board on. For a DIY option, you can give each kid a pillowcase with their name written in fabric marker, so they can hop along and have sack races in the basement.

Another possibility is any gift that rolls: a soccer ball; a ride-on toy for toddlers; a skateboard, scooter, roller skates, or new bike for older kids; or, for the less athletically-inclined or for smaller spaces, a marble run, train set, or radio-controlled cars.

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A third category of gifts that really keeps kids busy and burns energy well is anything that swings. This includes things to swing on, like a hammock, tree swing, hanging rope or rope ladder to climb; and, things to swing around, like foam baseball, a whiffle ball set, mini golf or putting games, and other toys like these.



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Last but not least, there are even electronic gifts that keep kids busy and active, too, from a disco ball for dance parties, to virtual sports video games (think tennis and bowling), or a family yoga DVD.

Which kid toys are at the top of your gift list this holiday season?

Lorraine is a freelance parenting and food writer, and she shares her cooking adventures and family recipes at She lives in New York with her family and one squirrel-obsessed dog. Follow her @feedingLina.

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