How to Deal with Homework Excuses

How to Deal with Homework Excuses

As they grow up, so do their excuses. Take control with these 4 solutions.

By: Aimelin F.

How Much Should You Really Help Them With Their Homework?
Doing homework is an integral part of the curriculum of our kids as students. From the time they are very little we have to help them develop a system of strategies so that they can deliver their school projects consistently and in a timely manner. Often times, parents feel so pressured for their children’s success that they make the mistake of doing their homework for them.

Needless to say that by doing so, and cheating, children will learn to lie to their teachers and then to us. We have to take into account that it is in failure that sometimes we find success, and that they need to learn from their mistakes. After all, we as parents can’t be there by their sides 24/7 to make their decisions for them. Love them by helping them responsibly.

If They Tell You That They Left Their Books and Notebook at School
If you are picking them up or if they came home with this news and you have time, go back with them to get their books. If you are working and there’s nothing you can do about it, then don’t overwhelm yourself. They’ll have to face the consequences the next day. And I assure you they won’t forget their books again.


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If They Tell You That They Don’t Know the Answer
Sit down with them and read the exercise with them from beginning to end without giving them the answer. Try to ask them questions that will encourage them to think for themselves to the correct answer.

If They Tell You That They Are Tired and They Don’t Want to do Homework
Listen to them first. Maybe, yes, they might be exhausted and need to take a break. If this happens, try to agree with them on a reasonable amount of time so they can rest before they go back to their homework. For example, I give my children a maximum of 30 minutes in case they want to take a nap, read or play on the computer. I never give them a 2-hour break.

If They Tell You They Don’t Have Homework
Check with their teachers by sending a message to each one of them. You can also check online. Nowadays almost all homework needs to be done on the computer and they have direct access to it. Tell them to open this page and take control.

What do you do to help your children with their homework?

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