How To Divide Labor And Responsibility At Home

How To Have A Happy Division Of Labor Around The House

You’re not the maid – yet you feel like it sometimes, right? Here’s how to change that.

Much as you love your family, it’s hard not to feel fed up if you seem to spend your life picking up after everyone else and taking on the domestic responsibilities single-handedly. Especially when children are young adults perfectly capable of filling the dishwasher themselves! So, here’s how to tackle the issue so everyone is happy…

Have an honest discussion
Be frank with both the family and yourself – when was the last time you actually asked for more help? It’s easy to get stuck in the routine of doing everything simply because that’s how you’ve always done it, but as the children grow up and move on, the rules and roles need to evolve. Remind everyone in your brood – from your other half to your grandkids and to yourself – that you all deserve a clean house so should all contribute to this goal. An open discussion, as opposed to random pleas (or shouts) will encourage them to each embrace their updated roles. Draw up a household chores planner so everyone knows what’s expected of them.

Ditch the guilt
They’re sweeping floors instead of watching football or hanging out with friends, but this isn’t blighting the lives of your husband or children. Research tells us that young people actually feel happier when they make a meaningful contribution to the family. A US study found that teens reported higher levels of happiness when they provided more help around the house, and did not find this work stressful.


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Update your standards
You usually clean the cooker a certain way, so, of course, you think that’s the way your husband should do it. But remember that while his process may be different, it does get the job done.

Make it feel like a breeze
The easier a chore seems, the more likely everyone is to get stuck in, so stock up on products that make everyday tasks feel simple. For that always-growing laundry pile, Tide Pods are a smart buy. They’re pre-measured to distribute exactly the right amount of detergent, and have a 3-in-1 action that is able to clean, tackle all manner of stains and brighten your clothes with ease.

Be a team
The overall message husband and children are receiving by being part of the housework rotation is that being a family means pitching in for the greater good. If everyone chips in and there is a fair domestic division of labor, you can all relax together more often. It’s win-win.

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