I’m Mayra, and This is My Latina Story

I’m Mayra, and This is My Latina Story

Meet Mayra, a proud mom who shares her story on why being Latina never stops.

By: Aimelin F.

Name: Mayra l. Muniz-Helm
Age: 49 years
Occupations: Doctor-Neuropsychiatries
Place of Origin: Arroyo, Puerto Rico
Place of Residence: Cincinnati, Ohio
Orgullosa Member Since: 01/08/2014

What do you like most about Orgullosa? “I love that Orgullosa celebrates the diversity within the Latina women community in the United States”
One word that describes who she is: Passionate

“Oh boy!” Were the first words I heard on the other end of the phone when I asked my friend Mayra how is it that being Latina is never out of season for her.

The answer came shortly thereafter. “The passion within me with which I live my life suits me all year.” This proud Puerto Rican does it all with passion, and it is precisely this intense sensibility that defines her character.

Neuropsychiatrist doctor by profession, her work makes her happy and complete because being bilingual has allowed her to treat many patients that only speak Spanish. Her positive attitude when faced with problems is what moves her to keep going, “She’s a doer.” She normally goes to bed at 1 a.m., gets in a quick sleep and gets up at 6 a.m. Mayra does not leave anything for later, because later is too late.


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A strong sense of commitment and a need to be with her family suits her all year long as well. Her parents have been examples of unconditional love and have given her emotional support. Her faith is where she acquires strength and is what helps her stay focused.

Being a doctor and mother of two girls, one with special needs, makes Mayra an extraordinary woman.

Her little daughter was born with Down syndrome and Autism, suffered a stroke and was later diagnosed with Leukemia. For Mayra, every day is a successful day since she gets to show her passion and integrity to her girls as a mother, friend, and wife.

The uniqueness of being a bilingual, passionate, and persevering Latina is a fountain of inspiration for her older daughter, her mother and all of those who have the pleasure of knowing her. “Life is full of challenges and it is important to address them in a positive way,” she says. This oh-so-Caribbean “sunny disposition” is the cornerstone of every victory, no matter where she is.

After all, she grew up on the island of enchantment in the bosom of a family that always pushed her to follow her dreams and to face the unknown con la falda bien puesta.

Tell us, did you identify with Mayra? How is it that being Latina never goes out of season for you?

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