Moms Share the Silly Reasons Behind Their Kids’ Most Epic Meltdowns

Moms Share the Silly Reasons Behind Their Kids’ Most Epic Meltdowns

Tantrums are never fun, but sometimes their triggers allow moms a good laugh.

By: Lorraine Allen

All moms have been there: The Epic Toddler Meltdown.

They can happen here or there; they can happen anywhere. They can happen fast or slow; they can happen on the go. Your child might be smiling, enjoying an ice cream, laughing with a friend. Then out of the blue, for reasons often mysterious to you, their faces turn red, their mouths open wide, and angry, loud screams come pouring out from deep inside. They’ll kick, they’ll roll, they pound on the ground, roaring. And no matter what you do, there’s often no consoling.

Here, 14 moms share the most ridiculous, laughable things that sent their sweet little ones over the edge into the most epic meltdowns, ever:

1. “My daughter did not want me to close the front door. She screamed so loud, for so long, all the neighbors came out.” -- Lorraine, New York

2. “I cut my son a huge slice of cake at his third birthday party. He freaked out because it was too big!” -- Gigi, Michigan

3. “I gave my kid a plate of mashed potatoes and she did not like the way they looked, so she slammed her hand in them, and then freaked out because she had potatoes on her hands. But she would not let me wipe them.” -- Susan, New York

4. “My girl threw a tantrum for an entire afternoon because her brother had a friend over.” -- Ariel, New Jersey

5. “My son’s remote-control robot broke and it kept just doing the same thing over and over. He was irate!” -- Leslie, California

6. “A bird landed on our car once and my daughter went ballistic.” -- Rachel, Maine

7. “My son had a crazy meltdown because his friend was wearing blue socks and he wasn’t!” -- Inez, New York

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8. “When my mother-in-law came to visit, she wanted my kid to give her a hug, but he refused and had a full-blown, 50-minute screaming tantrum instead. Awesome welcome!” -- Sarah, Connecticut


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9. “My son did not like the wind. He screamed and flailed the entire time we were outside, which was over an hour.” -- Marissa, New York

10. “My preschooler wanted to wear her ballet slippers to school.” -- Caroline, New Jersey

11. “My daughter found my eyeliner and drew all over her face. And then she did not want me to wipe it off. I got half off, while she screamed, kicked, and punched me, then I gave up. So she had half a face covered in black lines all day long. I wiped the rest off when she fell asleep!” -- Lynn, New York

12. “We were eating ice pops and it was really hot, so they were melting. And my son had a total meltdown! The more time he spent screaming, the more melted, and the more mad he got!” -- Eliza, New York

13. “My son decided he did not want to have to walk anymore. I said that was not an option. He screamed about it for a whole hour, until he lost his voice. ” -- Eva, New Jersey

14. “My daughter wanted to wear winter stockings in summer. I explained I did not have any that fit her, because she had outgrown the ones from the past winter. She wanted to go buy some, and was enraged that they don’t sell them when it’s 100 degrees out.” -- Andrea, New York

What was the most ridiculous thing that sparked an epic meltdown for your kid?

Lorraine Allen is a writer, and mom and personal chef to one spunky 6-year-old girl with severe food allergies. You can enjoy their delicious recipes and follow their amusing family cooking adventures at Feeding Lina.

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My 5 year old son had an absolute blowout because he got an eyelash in his eye. He screamed for 20 minutes until he got it out. Then screamed for another half hour.

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