Moms Tell All -- Sharing Their Most Embarrassing Parenting Moments

Moms Tell All -- Sharing Their Most Embarrassing Parenting Moments

Brave moms share their most embarrassing moments as parents -- so far!

By: Lorraine Allen

Moms are pulled in so many directions, our lives often resemble a circus show: We’re balancing on a tightrope and riding a unicycle while juggling 100 balls. A few hiccups are inevitable, and embarrassing moments happen more often than we would like to admit. But here, 10 brave moms share their worst -- so you can laugh with them and remember to laugh often at your own circus act too:

1. “I had to present to 100 executives at work. I had rehearsed well. I had my outfit laid out. The kids’ lunches pre-packed. I was SO ready. And then, as I walked up to the podium, I realized I still had rollers in my hair!” -- Amy, New York

2. “I was bending down to hug my toddler on his first day of preschool, and as I knelt, in front of all the new parents, my pants ripped wide open!” -- Sarah, Colorado

3. “When my in-laws came to meet our new baby, I had just nursed and forgot to re-hook my bra strap, so they all saw my left breast!” -- Tara, Texas

4. “I was potty training and had to take my toddler behind a tree in the park because the public restrooms were a mile away, and suddenly I really needed to go myself, too. But I got caught with my pants down! I even got a fine.” -- Leila, Massachusetts

5. “We were in a taxi on our way to the airport when I suddenly realized I had left the house in my slippers. I had no shoes, and it was the dead of winter. We had to turn around. Luckily, we didn't miss the flight!” -- Simone, New York

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6. “I thought ‘LOL’ meant ‘Lots of Love’ (I’m not a native English speaker). After Hurricane Sandy, I wrote to many mom friends on Facebook things like, ‘I’m so sorry your home was destroyed. LOL!’ After two weeks, my teenager noticed I was using it wrong and explained to me what it meant. I had a lot of explaining to do after that!” -- Serena, New York

7. “My toddler wanted to play with my makeup, so I let her put eye shadow and blush on me. But then I forgot about it … My husband laughed so hard when he got home and I was horrified I had walked around town all day looking like that.” -- Liz, New Jersey


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8. “I was so hungry and didn’t want to wake my baby, so I sat in the car, in a parking lot, and ate baby food (yuck!) from the jar, accidentally spilling some on my shirt. Right then my old boss pulled up next to me – I had the spoon in my mouth and baby food on my face.” -- Jessica, New York

9. “My kids told the entire sandbox one morning about my bowel movements that morning. In detail.” -- Sue Ellen, South Carolina

10. “My son’s wife and in-laws walked in while I was running out of the shower without a towel because they were all still in the dryer.” -- Rachel, New York

Want to share your funniest embarrassing mom moment?

Lorraine Allen is a writer, and mom and personal chef to one spunky 6-year-old girl with severe food allergies. You can enjoy their delicious recipes and follow their amusing family cooking adventures at Feeding Lina.

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