Moms Tell All: Why I Like When My Husband Works Late

Moms Tell All: Why I Like When My Husband Works Late

Women reveal why they actually like when their husbands are stuck at the office.

By Judy Koutsky

As moms, we love when our husbands are there to help out (with laundry, taking the kids to the park, fixing the sink). But sometimes, we have to admit it can be kinda nice when the hubby has to work late. Here, 10 moms reveal why.

1. “I love watching reality TV. It’s my guilty pleasure. When my husband works late, I get to watch all the trashy television I want -- with no judgments!” -- Jill M., Tallahassee, Florida

2. “Getting the kids to bed at night isn’t the easiest task. But when my husband is home to ‘help out,’ it makes the task even more challenging. We have different ways of doing things, and what normally takes 20 minutes suddenly takes an hour.” -- Melissa S., Aurora, Illinois

3. “Bath time at our house is downtime for the kids, unless my husband is home. Then, suddenly, there’s rough-housing, and the whole bathroom is soaked (which I have to clean up), and then, the kids are too riled up for bed.” -- Sedona G., Berwyn, Illinois

4. “My husband works late often. I’m used to it and have a routine. However, when he’s not working late, the routine is thrown out the window, and suddenly, bedtime turns into a free-for-all.” -- Jackie T., Larchmont, New York

5. “When it comes to good cop, bad cop, my hubby is the fun one, and I’m the disciplinarian. When I have the kids, it’s homework, dinner, bath, bed -- all done by 8. When my husband is home, it’s often 10 before the lights are out.” -- Julianne M., Omaha, Nebraska

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6. “As a working mom in sales, I talk to people all day long. When I get home, I just want to snuggle with my 9-month-old. Of course, I love my hubby, but I just want some downtime -- no talking, just snuggling with my little one.” -- Nancy B., Bennington, Vermont

7. “My kids are very clever. They’ve mastered the art of manipulation. When I say ‘no’ (to another dessert, another TV show, five more minutes of screen time), they run to my husband and ask him. Their dad is a softie – which generally means ‘yes.’” -- Ressa, San Diego, California


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8. “I’m always trying to lose a few pounds, and I ask my husband to be supportive. Sometimes, he’s too supportive! After I put the kids to bed, I sneak in a little treat for me. Nobody is around to be my conscience.” -- Sarah K., Oak Park, Illinois

9. “I often do work after I put the kids to bed. I don’t feel guilty doing this when my husband is also working.” -- Maria O., New Rochelle, New York

10. “My husband feels bad when he works late, so he’ll make it up to me by taking the kids on the weekend. I think I’m getting the better end of the deal!” -- Ashlyn B., Miami, Florida

Why do you like it when your husband works later?

Judy Koutsky is the former Editorial Director of KIWI magazine, a green parenting publication. She was also Executive Editor of, AOL Parent, and Follow her on Twitter @JudyKoutsky.

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