Moms vs. Kids: How They Really Feel About Spring

Moms vs. Kids: How They Really Feel About Spring

Puddles, bubbles, and baseball are great, but they bring mud, messes, and chaos, too!

By Lorraine Allen

Spring is beautiful. It brings back flowers and baseball, sunshine and ice cream cones, picnics, hikes, and barbecues. Spring brings so much new life and fresh energy. What’s not to love about this beautiful season, right? Well, it turns out that once you become a mom, the springtime, like so many other simple joys in life, somehow transforms into a potential hell-storm to be dreaded for countless good reasons! Here, 10 moms and their kids share how they each feel about spring. Their differing opinions are surprising … but also so understandable to me -- on so many levels!

1. “I like spring, because I hate to wear coats and hats and mittens and boots all winter!” -- Vivienne, 7

“Spring used to be my absolute favorite time of the year. It’s when all my favorite things happen outside. It’s also when all three of my kids were born, but two have severe asthma, and it’s scary now. Torturous even, many days. There have been weeks when we had to stay inside with them because of all the pollen that makes it hard for them to breathe. So now, I dread it. I really, really do, sadly.” -- Vivienne’s mom

2. “Spring is awesome, because of baseball and soccer -- and mud!” -- Joey, 9

“There is nothing worse than a houseful of mud and wet, muddy sports gear. I would give anything to have a mud room every spring!” -- Joey’s mom

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3. “I like to pick the flowers!” -- Bella, 4

“I used to love spring, but now that we live in the south, it’s way too hot by the end of April. Plus, my kids pick all the flowers, fruits, and veggies I was so happy to grow in our garden! I look forward to fall and winter all spring and summer down here.” -- Bella’s mom

4. “I hate spring, because I hate bees.” -- Clara, 6

“I love spring. It’s so beautiful. It always feels like a fresh start to me, after the long, cold, hard winters here up north. I wish my kid was not so terrified of bugs. Maybe she’ll outgrow that this year. (Sigh!)” -- Clara’s mom

5. “I love spring soooooo much! It’s AWESOME! They turn on the water fountains at the park, and then, we can throw water balloons and play with our water gun again!” -- Charlie, 8

“It’s so nice to be back outside again with the kids when the weather gets warmer, but it’s still pretty cold here most days, and I hate fighting with them constantly about putting coats and sweaters back on, and not getting wet all the time!” -- Charlie’s mom

6. “I wish spring was summer.” -- Josie, 15

“Yeah, spring feels like a tease. It’s not really warm out yet. But I do love it, because the kids are not on vacation yet!” -- Josie’s mom


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7. “Spring is so awesome, because we visit my grandma, and she lives near [an amusement park]!” -- Molly, 9

“I love spring, but I dread spring cleaning all year long! I feel like I need to do this major top-to-bottom cleanup, and I always have to do it ALL alone. It’s the worst few weeks of the year for me. Some years, it takes me three to four weeks to find the time to get it all done. It’s endless!” -- Molly’s mom

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8. “I don’t care.” -- Abe, 6

“I’m always so relieved when winter is over, flu season is over, and I can get the kids back OUTSIDE finally again! I count the days, mentally, starting in January!” -- Abe’s mom

9. “I like ice cream!” -- Sam, 4

“Spring is by far the messiest season to me now that I have kids. There’s mud on all the shoes, the floors, and the dog. There’s dirt and grass stains on all the clothes, all the time. Things are always damp. I don’t know how people keep their house or kids clean in spring, I really don’t! It’s exhausting.” -- Sam’s mom

10. “My toddler’s first words came out last spring: ‘puddle’ and ‘bubble’ (not that she could say the Ls too well!). Cute, but then all spring she was shouting: ‘PUDDU-BUBBU! PUDDU-BUBBU! PUDDU-BUBBU! PUDDU-BUBBU!’ And demanding those two things, even at bedtime. So, I’m not sure how I feel anymore. I’m a bit traumatized from last year, honestly. We’ll just play this one by ear. Ask me again in the fall maybe!” -- Violetta’s mom

How do you and your kids feel about spring?

Lorraine Allen is a writer, and mom and personal chef to one spunky 6-year-old girl with severe food allergies. You can enjoy their delicious recipes and follow their amusing family cooking adventures at Feeding Lina.

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