‘My Kid Did WHAT?!’ Moms Reveal Their Most Embarrassing Moments

‘My Kid Did WHAT?!’ Moms Reveal Their Most Embarrassing Moments

Moms share the unforgettable moments when their kids made them cringe.

By Judy Koutsky

From picking their noses in public to telling grandma that her special chocolate cake tastes yucky, there are no shortage of things kids will do to embarrass Mom. It’s enough to make you want to walk away … and pretend they belong to someone else. These 11 moms were probably tempted to do just that.

1.”My 5-year-old son’s teacher called to tell me there was a little issue at school. Turns out my little one is constantly picking his nose, and eating what he finds. I was mortified.” -- Jill S., Richmond, Virginia

2. “My kids are finally at the age where we can do drop-off playdates. Jake went to his best friend’s house last week, and the mom casually mentioned that ‘Hurricane Jake’ had fun. When I inquired what she meant, she told me he managed to destroy just about every room in the house. I doubt we’re getting invited back anytime soon.” -- Randi V., Staten Island, New York

3. “We were having toilet issues at our house, so I called the plumber. In the meanwhile I told the kids to not flush after no. 1, just no. 2. At school the next day, my son’s teacher scolded him for not flushing the toilet. He explained we don’t flush at our house.” -- Roseanne P., Mount Laurel, New Jersey

4. “A lovely mom from gymnastics said her daughter Kelly would love a playdate with my daughter Serena. My daughter, who was standing right there, yelled, ‘No! I hate Kelly.’” -- Lisa M., Chicago, Illinois

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5. “I was still nursing my daughter on demand when my neighbor dropped by. She asked to hold Lily. I let her while I ran downstairs to do a load of laundry. When I get back, my neighbor said Lily had been trying to nurse her! That’s when I started to wean.” -- Rosa C., New Rochelle, New York

6. “My son is an extremely picky eater. We went on a playdate, and the mom asked if my son was hungry. ‘I’m starving,’ he replied. Then, he proceeded to say ‘yuck’ or ‘gross’ to every option of food she offered.” -- Nancy N., Dubuque, Iowa

7. “I just started carpooling with another mom. After giving my son two bowls of cereal for breakfast, I dropped him at her house on my way to work. I found out later that the other mom gave him another bowl of cereal, two waffles, plus a breakfast bar to go before dropping him at school. I felt horrible -- like I don’t feed my kids.” -- Lorraine M., San Francisco, California


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8. “My mother, their grandma, made a special dessert for my kids. When my son finished it my mom said, ‘I’m so glad you liked it.’ To which my son replied, ‘I didn’t. I ate it to be polite.’” -- Judy T., San Antonio, Texas

9. “I got a call from my son’s preschool. Apparently, he was showing his private parts to everyone and demanding to see theirs. When I asked what was going on, he repeated what the doctor said the week before: ‘Everyone has private parts, it’s no secret.’” -- Laura P., Miami, Florida

10. “Our babysitter came over, and I told her to help herself to anything in the fridge. ‘Except the wine,’ my daughter added. ‘That’s for mom when the kids go to bed.’” -- Alyson B., Austin, Texas

11. “I had just potty trained my almost-4-year-old son. We were shopping, and he said he had to go -- right now! ‘Can you hold it for a minute,’ I asked as I frantically looked around for a bathroom. ‘No, it’s coming out right now,’ he cried. And with that, it started running down his leg.” -- Aimee B., Valley Stream, New York

What was the most embarrassing thing your child did in public?

Judy Koutsky is the former Editorial Director of KIWI magazine, a green parenting publication. She was also Executive Editor of Parenting.com, AOL Parent and BabyTalk.com. Follow her on Twitter @JudyKoutsky.

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