11 Things You Shouldn’t Forget To Say To Your Daughter

11 Things You Shouldn’t Forget To Say To Your Daughter

There’s nothing like a mother’s wisdom to support her daughter through life. Sometimes knowledge is offered unsolicited, while at other times it’s actively sought – from those reassurances you gave her way back on her first day at school, to advice on relationships and wellbeing. But, when it comes to motherly advice, here are the key pieces of wisdom we think you should remember to share with her. They’ll help her as she navigates the roller coaster of making her own way in the world, relationships and perhaps raising a family of her own – always with your words in her mind and heart.

1. It’s okay to be “good enough”

Women put themselves under constant pressure to achieve perfection in every area of life, but we all know that’s not a realistic goal – and that it leads to unnecessary stress and heartache. Remind your daughter that being ‘good enough’ is just fine.

2. You can’t have it all – and there’s nothing wrong with that

Many of our predecessors and peers fought for women to have career choices, and that battle continues in many workplaces. But the truth is, no one can be in two places at once. She may face difficult decisions that mean she has to choose between professional and personal commitments. Being at peace with compromise and shaking off guilt is important for her mental and emotional wellbeing.

3. A smile is a thousand times more beautiful than any new outfit

Tell your daughter to look around at the diverse array of women in her world. Remind her that they’re beautiful for a wide range of reasons, but those who are most attractive are the ones who are happy in their skin and accessorize with a smile.

4. Be professionally measured for a bra every five years

Advise her that her body will change with time, and a properly-fitted bra will not only be more comfortable, but will enhance the way her clothes fit, improve her posture, reduce potential back pain and boost her confidence.

5. You have to respect yourself to earn respect from others

Tell her she should never apologize for being her; that she should be true to herself and have courage in her convictions.

6. Life is short: live it well

Urge her not to put off important things until later. If it matters to her, she should do it. If she wants to spend time with someone, she must make the effort. If there are places she wants to visit, it’s all about finding a way to do it. You only ever regret the things you don’t do.

7. Don’t judge others, as you often don’t know what their life is like

Make it clear she should strive to avoid making assumptions about people around her: the overconfident woman at work who seems to have it all? Her marriage could be crumbling. You learn over the years that life is rarely what it seems on the surface.

8. Look after your body – you only have one

Remind her that her body is a wonderful vehicle to carry her through life. So she should take care of it; feed it well: nourish it with good food, and make it strong by exercising regularly.

9. It’s never too late to change your life

There’s no shame or failure in making changes to your life. If she wants to retrain as a lawyer in her thirties, she should go for it. If she chooses to emigrate and experience life in a different place, tell her to embrace it. It’s not about wishing things were different, it’s about making them different.

10. Don’t let toxic relationships fester

She’ll find there are some people who exist to drag you down. Tell her that sometimes you just have to let them go before you join them at rock bottom; it’s important to spend time with people who make you feel good in their company.

11. Make time for yourself

Whether she enjoys sewing, knitting, painting, walking in the woods, or something else entirely, she should make time to do those things. An hour or two a week enjoying your own passions or hobbies can be the tonic you need to reenergize herself, whatever else is going on in your life.

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