Parents Share the Funniest Stories Behind Their Kids’ Time-Outs

Parents Share the Funniest Stories Behind Their Kids’ Time-Outs

Share a laugh with these parents who dealt with some funny little troublemakers!

By Wendy Robinson

“Good morning, honey…why is the kid in time-out already?”

“For licking his sister.”

(Long pause)

“Huh. I never thought we’d have to make a rule about that.”

One of the things I enjoy about kids is just how darn strange and funny they are. They can even find funny ways to get in trouble. When I shared the licking story with some parent friends, they told me some of the wacky random acts that landed their kids in time-out.

Here are the nine time-out tales that cracked me up the most (yes, these really happened).

1. Lisa’s 6-year-old peed in the trashcan because he was “too busy” playing video games to get to the bathroom.

2. Linnea’s 18-month-old was found chilling in the fridge.

3. Amy’s 4-year-old bit his brother (and then blamed the dog).


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4. Kristin’s 5-year-old tried to show his butt to the mailman through the mail slot.

5. Michael’s 4-year-old put his phone in the toilet as part of a “science experiment.”

6. Joanna's 8-year-old son, Sam, was overheard telling his little brother, "Mom says we never hit girls, so if a girl makes you mad, you should just like pinch her instead," and got to rethink that idea in time-out.

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7. Marla’s 5-year-old hid the TV remote so that her mom couldn’t change the channel away from PBS Kids because “Wild Kratts are coming on and I love them!”

8. Jaimie’s 4-year-old wouldn’t stop saying “booty” when talking to her grandmother on FaceTime.

9. Sarah’s 6-year-old ate an entire carton of strawberries so he wouldn’t have to share them with his brother. Sarah notes, “He basically got his own punishment later on though … that is a lot of strawberries for one tummy to digest. He was riding the porcelain express the rest of the night.”

Who knew that one of the challenges of parenting would be trying to hide your laughter when it is time to teach some better behavior?

What is the funniest trouble your child has gotten into?

Wendy Robinson is a writer, working mom and graduate student. Someday she'd like to sleep in again. She also blogs at

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