Sports Guide for Your Kids (And You)

Sports Guide for Your Kids (And You)

Today there are so many sports programs for your kids, but what’s the most convenient for them and you?

By: Flor L.

What Are the Best Sports for Your Kids?
Did you know that sport programs for teens in high school have had a steady increase in participation in the past 24 years? According to an annual survey done by the National Federation of State High School Associations there are more than 7.7 million participants in high school sports programs across the U.S.

The reality is that many parents don’t know how important sports are for the education and development of their children at a physical and cognitive level. Team sports teach us to follow rules and to socialize with peers in a competitive yet respectful manner. Such sports also encourage children to establish and meet goals, to fight for them and to have passion.

Keep in mind that having athletes for children can also give you a hand with paying for college through grants and scholarships.

And now we wonder, what sport is right for my child (and for us mothers that will have to attend practices and competitions)? This is a guide that can help you decide what best fits you and your child.

Track & Field
This sport is great if you do not want to drive far for your child’s practice. It is practiced right on school property and it’s a great option if they like to run and do not want to be involved in high impact sports.


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Swimming & Diving
Swimming is one of the best sports for obtaining and maintaining peak physical shape since it works all of the muscles in the body. It is a team sport, but also requires a lot of individual work. As a mother it may require a little more work, not only taking them to practice, but we will also have to be on high alert for temperature changes and colds during those midwinter practices.

Volleyball, Soccer & Tennis
Female participation has dramatically increased in these sports. They are team sports that can surely take place near school grounds, and since they are team sports, one can arrange pick-ups and drop offs with other mothers on the team. These sports require just a little equipment: cleats in soccer, a racquet, shoes and balls for tennis, and sneakers for volleyball. These sports are more accessible than others, such as football.

Ice Hockey
This is considered a high impact sport due to the kind of blows a player can receive. However, like football, more and more children are choosing to participate in it. This sport requires a higher level of investment, whether it is for uniforms, hockey stick, ice skates, etc.

This is another team sport that can be practiced on school grounds. Teams are usually smaller, so it may be tougher for your kids to get onto the team they want. Games can also last longer than expected, but it presents a small up-front cost since it doesn’t require much more than sneakers and a ball.

Unfortunately my friends, in all youth sports there is not only a commitment by your children, but you as well. The reality is that you might have to leave work early to get to practice on time, and many games are usually played on weekends, at 7 a.m. in winter and noon in the summer.

You have to have passion to play, and to support them in the stands as well!

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