Strategies for Balancing Your Life

Strategies for Balancing Your Life

Ways you can get back on track without losing your mind. Visit P&G everyday for more great ideas.

By Mia Redrick

1. Delegate
Create a weekly meeting with your family to discuss household responsibilities. During this time, review household responsibilities and delegate age-appropriate chores. Hold the meeting during the same time each week, and review what is working and what is not. For children under the age of 10, provide a goal chart so they can check off each task for accountability.

2. Consider Outsourcing
If you can spare the cash, outsource your laundry, grocery shopping (there are many grocery stores that deliver) or basic yard work to create more opportunities for quality time. You never know – neighborhood kids and teens might be looking for extra spending money.

3. Plan Your Life
If you want to have less anxiety in your days, you are going to need to plan family activities in advance, as well as work and other significant tasks. Planning allows us the necessary time to adjust and be proactive about the choices in our lives. This reduces stress and anxiety.


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4. Eliminate What’s Not Working
Look at ways you can add time to your days. What can you live without? Do the children have to go to gymnastics this semester if you have a particularly heavy workload? Be reasonable.

5. Seek Quality, Not Quantity
Identify five activities that you enjoy and which take very little effort. Incorporate a movie night on Fridays. Have the movie delivered to your door, and add some popcorn and a pizza. This is a wonderful way to have both a quality family event while keeping from adding additional stress to your days.

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