The 17 Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Moms, According to Kids

The 17 Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Moms, According to Kids

They may not be old enough to get married, but these kids sure are experts on love!

By Wendy Robinson

Valentine’s Day is coming soon and for my 6-year-old son that means superhero cards for most of his classmates. This year, however, he has a crush on a special girl in his class and he has decided she needs a special gift. When I asked him what he thought would be a special gift, he thought for a moment and then cheerfully replied, “Maybe a diamond ring, a puppy, and a bag of candy!”

We’re going to go with the last of those three ideas, but his rather extravagant reply made me wonder what he thought his dad should buy me for Valentine’s Day. Not surprisingly, the answer also involved a puppy.

I was curious about how other kids might answer the “What should a dad buy a mom for Valentine’s day?” question and if all the answers would be so puppy-centric. Below are 17 of my favorite answers:

1. “One of those necklaces that make people kiss on the commercials.” -- Olivia, age 5

2. “A happy time.” -- Henry, age 4

3. “Some more of her special juice? And a nap?” -- Charlie, age 7

4. “Probably some trucks or cars to play with. Moms love trucks.” -- Caiden, age 4

5. “I have no idea. No. Idea. Adults are weird.” -- Jessie, age 11

6. “Some cups because Mama likes to wash dishes a lot.” -- Hayley, age 3

7. “Candy so she won’t eat my candy like she did at Halloween.” -- Jaxon, age 8

8. “Something fancy, like a tiara! Or a crown!” -- Hannah, age 4

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9. “Soap, because she doesn’t like to be stinky.” -- Joshua, age 6

10. “A guy should always get flowers. I think that is a rule or a law or something.” -- Max, age 7


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11. “My mom usually just wants to sleep on present days.” -- Ari, age 5

12. “Maybe she wants a video game player so I can teach her how to play games that are cooler than the ones on her phone.” -- Joshua, age 10

13. “A shirt that says ‘I love you’ in pink letters on it!” -- McKenna, age 6

14. “Go on a date and take me with you!” -- Paige, age 5

15. “Are you allowed to buy panda bears? My mom looks at panda bears on the computer a lot. So a baby panda bear and some snacks. What do panda bears eat?” -- Lexi, age 4

16. “Nothing. Valentine’s Day is gross.” -- Malcolm, age 12

17. “Some flowers and face kissing!” -- Hazel, age 4

Hazel may be on the right track there.

What is on your Valentine’s Day wish list?

Wendy Robinson is a writer, working mom and graduate student. Someday she'd like to sleep in again. She also blogs at

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