The 6 Mom Friends We All Need to Stay Sane

The 6 Mom Friends We All Need to Stay Sane

Our mom friends help us maneuver this parenting journey. Who do you need on the ride?

By Heather Chaet

I have a lot of mom friends. I see many of them often, almost every day. Some I see only a few times throughout the year. With others, I mostly communicate through email and texts, but still have a strong connection.

Mom friends matter. They are in that same realm you are, attempting to make sense of parenthood, doing the same juggle you are as a person, a wife, a mother, a human. As it has been said over and over again, “It takes a village.” Sure, we all have our own strengths, but here are a few moms that every other mom needs in their “mom friend village.”

The Crafty Mom
You don’t even know where to begin to recreate the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria with toothpicks, but she can -- and make little Pilgrim hats for those stuffed kitties on the voyage! She can knit a beanie, sew up the bottom of that costume for the fifth-grade play, and whip a sheet of cardboard into a wizard hat using nothing more than a stapler (probably even with her eyes closed). The kicker? She loves doing all of it.

The Mom With a Kid Around the Same Age as Yours
Whether it’s the first months of sleepless nights or the tween eye-roll years, she’ll be going through the same stuff as you, right about the same time. She will nod, knowing, as you bribe your kiddo with candy to sit on the potty for 15 minutes because she just did that an hour ago. This mom will also send you a text when there’s an opening in that ballet class for your kids’ age group. She’s your must-have comrade who is exactly where you are on this parenting road.

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The Mom “In The Know”
Need the day when school starts in two years? Call her. Want to get the scoop on which third-grade teacher is the best for your little bookworm? She’s got it. Looking to find which store has the best deal on costumes for ancient Egypt (which is studied in second grade)? You shoot her an email. Because she knows. You aren’t sure how or why she is this fount of knowledge, but she is. The great thing? She loves sharing her random wisdom with everyone -- and does it with a smile and a cute winking emoji.

The Doctor Mom
She’s the mom you can text at 6:34 a.m. and ask about that weird rash on your kid’s tushy. She’s the mom who will tell you if you should go to the emergency room (or not) after that fall from the top bunk. She does this because it’s second nature for her. And as for your hypochondriac tendencies? She’s used to it.


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The Mom With a Kid Older Than Your Kid
You watch as she deals with different homework, different body odors, and different relationships. It’s a mini peek into your future. She’s your trailblazer. Perhaps you won’t deal with everything she goes through, but her “been there, done that” information on parenting is key to have around. If nothing else, she’s living proof you will master the steps in this parenting dance (and she gives you a free lesson in the next moves).

The BFF Mom
She has no judgments. She gives an easy laugh. She brings out your best self and has your back when you need it. She’s the one you call when you are at the end of that rope, who tells you that you are just a normal, still-awesome mom. She’s the one who’s there when you are running late and hangs with your kid until you arrive. She’s the one with whom you share those crazy fears and proud dreams for your little ones. She does the same with you. She would be a BFF even if you didn’t have kids, but layering on the parenting stress you both struggle with makes her that much more of a person you must have in your world.

Which mom are you, and which do you need in your mom village?

Heather Chaet documents her mini parenting successes, epic mommy fails, and everything in between for a plethora (love that word!) of publications and websites such as CafeMom, New York Family, and AdWeek. While her online persona is found at, Heather lives in New York City with her film director husband and one insanely curious, cat-obsessed daughter.

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