The Worst Chores Ever, According to 16 Kids

The Worst Chores Ever, According to 16 Kids

To kids, even putting on shoes can feel like a chore, apparently!

By Lorraine Allen

Once you become a mom, it can feel like all your free time is consumed by chores. (Or just ALL your time, if you’re a stay-at-home-mom!) But how great is it when your babes are finally able to move around independently and start helping around the house, first in tiny ways, and then bigger? Even toddlers can learn to pick things up off the floor, put things back on shelves, in drawers or bins, and even enjoy sweeping and sorting laundry, sort of.

In fact, these activities can be a great way to teach them many basic skills, encourage teamwork, instill order, and even help little ones learn, in a fun, hands-on way, about colors, shapes, sizes, and so much more. As kids grow, chores are also a great way to help them develop more responsibility, gain independence, and maybe start to earn some money.

I, for one, think chores are fantastic. I’m all about sharing chores in our home, too, even though it’s a constant battle with my 6-year-old these days. Because despite all the benefits of chores, (even financial ones, sometimes), kids, like mine, generally despise them. Let’s face it, they would rather be playing or hanging out with friends. Who wouldn’t?!

Here, 16 kids, including my own, share their least favorite chores ever. You would not believe the simple things some kids think of as chores! (Sigh!)

1. “Brushing my teeth and flossing.” -- Leah, 8

2. “Playing with my brother.” -- Molly, 7

3. “Going to school and writing my name!” -- Robert, 5

4. “Walking the dog.” -- Lina, 6 (my daughter who never walks the dog!)

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5. “Folding laundry.” -- Calliope, 12

6. “Taking a shower.” -- Gino, 14

7. “Setting the table for dinner. It takes SO long!” -- Kiki, 14

8. “Making my bed.” -- Charlotte, 6


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9. “Hugging my mom.” -- Bowe, 8

10. “Putting my sneakers on.” -- Grace, 4

11. “Baking.” -- Henry, 6

12. “Picking up toys!” -- Emma, 5

13. “Brushing my hair and drying it.” -- Ashley, 7

14. “Sitting still at mealtime.” -- Alex, 6

15. “Shoveling snow.” -- Mike, 13

16. “Going to the dentist for my braces!” -- Max, 9

What’s your kid’s least favorite chore?

Lorraine Allen is a writer, and mom and personal chef to one spunky 6-year-old girl with severe food allergies. You can enjoy their delicious recipes and follow their amusing family cooking adventures at Feeding Lina.

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