Tips for a Faster, Saner Morning

Tips for a Faster, Saner Morning

Easy ways to make the start of your day, the best part of your day.

By: Jennifer Brule

Set a Simple Routine (That Everyone Can Follow)
Your morning routine will be different from your toddler's, your husband’s or your teenager's, but making sure everyone knows what is expected before they head out the door keeps them on track. Don’t get too detailed, but spell it out (literally) if you have to; charts with stickers work great for little ones.

Prioritize and Stick to it
Yes, 1,052 things need to happen between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m., but you can’t do them all. You simply can’t. Prioritize, be realistic, trim away the fat and learn the difference between what would be perfect and what’s the bare minimum to get you out the door. For instance, I’ve got four daughters who need to leave for school by 7 a.m. The only things they are expected to do in the morning are get up, get dressed, brush hair and teeth, and eat breakfast. Beds are NEVER made during the week and PJs sometimes remain on the floor until they get home from school. I’ve learned to shut their bedroom doors.

Pack a Bento Box the Night before
Opening up a bento box at lunch is like opening a bunch of presents. It makes lunch FUN (and it’s not just for kids)! Get kids involved in the packing. They get a (controlled) say in what they take and you get help in making lunches. Give them good choices (whole wheat wraps, nut butters, lean meats, cheeses, cut-up vegetables and fruit, quinoa, pasta or whole grain salads, pretzels, dried fruits, etc.). Store in the fridge and wait until the morning to add the cooler pack.

Pack School Bags the Night before
Children are surprisingly responsible, when they are expected to be (and praised for it). The first things my children do when they get home from school are unpack their book bags, clean out their lunch boxes and look through their homework folder. They don’t have to do their homework at that time, they just need to know what will be coming later that day/evening. Before going to bed, they pack up their book bag with everything except lunch, which is already packed up, but remains in the refrigerator until morning.


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Look over Tomorrow’s Schedule
Whether you work outside the home or not, you will have things to do tomorrow. Look at your schedule the night before to get a handle on what is coming. Use the power of positive thought as you imagine the events of the next day.

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