What 12 Moms Love Best About Their Child’s Teacher

What 12 Moms Love Best About Their Child’s Teacher

Teachers get the praise and respect they deserve, from moms of their students!

By Judy Koutsky

There’s nothing better than a child who loves to go to school. And often, it’s the teacher who makes the difference. Here, moms share and celebrate the best qualities of their kids’ teachers, whether they’re warm and fuzzy or perceptive enough to find something special about every child.

1. “When my son was at preschool, the teachers really cared about him. When he was having a bad day, they worked hard to change his mood. When he did something well, they celebrated his success. It made me feel like he was really being nurtured.”

2. One mom praises the “sunny demeanor” of her child’s teacher. “She seems genuinely

happy to be at school every day . She says she misses them when she is out of the classroom -- and I believe her.”

3. “From Day 1, she was clear that she accepts, and does not judge, each child and helps to foster their growing personality.”

4. “She hugs the kids every day! Granted, it’s preschool, but I love her for it.”

5. “My son’s kindergarten teacher shakes each child’s hand as he or she leaves. She makes sure they look her in the eye and says, “Have a good rest of the day. See you tomorrow.”

6. “She comes up with crazy, wacky projects, like digging for worms after it rains to show the cycle of nature.”

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7. “She doesn’t make a big deal when my daughter wets her pants -- which she’s done several times. She just puts her in clean ones and sends home a note to ask for extra clothes. When I ask the teacher what happened, she acts like it’s no big deal and says, ‘She was having too much fun to go to the loo.’ Putting a positive spin on wetting pants makes me want to hug her.”


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8. “She asked for a meeting with me and told me she thought my son needed therapy for fine motor skills. I loved that she pointed this out to me. We got my son help, and together we -- the therapist, me, and the teacher -- are working to get my son on track.”

9. “My daughter’s teacher gives all the parents her cell number and email address. She always responds within 24 hours. If that is not dedication (especially at the low salary I’m sure she’s making), I don’t know what is.”

10. “The energy she has is amazing. My son’s preschool teacher turns every single day into a fun and exciting experience. From wacky songs to silly dances, my son loves going to school.”

11. “My teenage daughter’s teacher is firm. I know that wouldn’t appeal to a lot parents, but the teen years are often confusing and about pushing boundaries. The teacher expects the best from her kids and they soon learn to expect the best from themselves. Her high standards become their high standards. She makes it clear that she’s not their friend but their teacher. Ultimately, she makes them better students.”

12. “She always remembers to tell me something specific my child did in school that day. I have no idea if she does it with the other kids, but it makes me feel like my child is special and unique.”

What do you love about your child’s teacher?

Judy Koutsky is the former Editorial Director of KIWI magazine, a green parenting publication. She was also Executive Editor of Parenting.com, AOL Parent and BabyTalk.com. Follow her on Twitter @JudyKoutsky.

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