What 13 Stay-at-Home Moms Wish They Could Outsource

What 13 Stay-at-Home Moms Wish They Could Outsource

There are some aspects of taking care of kids all day that moms wish they could hand off.

By: Lorraine Allen

Stay-at-home moms are superheroes in their own right. They multitask endlessly. They put up with yelling, whining, even physical resistance from kids while they are caring for them. They clean poop, vomit, and snot. They shop, cook, chauffeur, and do laundry all day without a paycheck or recognition. They have zero vacation, sick days, or holidays -- and they barely stop to sleep. But to them, it’s worth it. The joys outweigh all the hard work.

Still, there is always one chore or responsibility a stay-at-home mom wishes, above all, that she could give up. If I could outsource one responsibility as a stay-at-home mom, without a doubt, it would be dinner! I asked 13 other moms what they wished they could hand off, and here is what they chose:

1. “I wish someone would make my kids nap.”-- Anna, New York

2. “I wish I didn’t have to stop my kids’ constant fighting with each other.” -- Celine, Connecticut

3. “I want someone to scrub my kitchen and bathrooms every night while I’m sleeping.” -- Sarah, New York

4. “I would love to never have to walk our dogs again or pick up after them.” -- Cate, New York

5. “I wish both my babies would just be potty trained, right now.” -- Susan, Illinois

6. “I would love a healthy, hot, delicious breakfast waiting for my family each morning (with a pot of great coffee!).” -- Stephie, New York

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7. “I wish someone would organize all our clothes and closets once a week.” -- Jackie, New Jersey


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8. “I would want a family chauffeur to handle the endless shuffling around from schools to activities, playdates, doctors, and errands.” -- Sidney, New York

9. “I would love a personal shopper, so I never need to go grocery shopping again.” -- Caroline, California

10. “I wish for a home secretary to handle all the family admin, like answer calls, manage schedules, make appointments, pay bills, send thank-you cards, holiday cards, and birthday invitations -- oh, and deal with the dry cleaning and UPS!” -- Lauren, New York

11. “I would love a stylist to come over once a month and make me, my kid, our dog, and our home look hip, clean, and fabulous.” -- Lizzie, New Jersey

12. “I wish someone else could handle the morning rush, so I could get ready and look and feel pulled together, like before I quit my career to stay home.” -- Carmen, California

13. “I wish I had a sitter one entire day and night, each week, so I could get out, spend time with my hubby, and sleep. OMG.” -- Daniela, Vermont

What’s the one mom duty you wish, above all, that you could outsource?

Lorraine Allen is a writer, and mom and personal chef to one spunky 6-year-old girl with severe food allergies. You can enjoy their delicious recipes and follow their amusing family cooking adventures at Feeding Lina.

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