Who’s MAY?

Who’s MAY?

Find out why you and she have more in common than you may think.

So, who’s MAY?
MAY stands for Monica Andrea Yafuso, a designer from Dallas who originated in Argentina but has Japanese blood. She recently joined our Orgullosa community after hearing a close friend talk about a place she’d found where she could share her dreams. Seeing that other women on Orgullosa could achieve their dreams gave her strength and motivation to push on for hers.

MAY feels more at an advantage here in the U.S., where she feels that a Latina is better prepared in the face of adversity and does not give up easily. “In Latin-American countries women try to make a name for themselves, but being in a more macho-dominated world, some never do. Here, with a little bit of talent and a high level of determination, everything is possible,” she told us.

After working as a designer in an international agency, among other jobs, today MAY is motivated to launch her own line of scarves. She works day in and day out to expand this grand project, to take her designs out into the world.

The Year of MAY
MAY’s brand, “The Year of MAY,” stems from her necessity to create pieces with her own hands, which reflects her Latin/Japanese identity. Her first collection of scarves showcase the dying technique of “Shibory,” an Oriental technique brought to life with the vibrant colors of Latin culture.


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She lists the following three things as her greatest accomplishments:

  1. Studying in New York City and getting a job at Fossil
  2. Buying a house where she could raise her two kids in a safe and comfortable environment, showing them that when one perseveres, one triumphs
  3. The pleasure of inspiring her children and friends with her achievements

I would wish MAY good luck, but in all honesty she doesn’t need it. She is a great woman, a terrific mother, and a successful designer, a never-ending source of inspiration. As her favorite saying goes: “If you remember where you’re from, you’ll know where you’re going.”

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