Why Making Time for Myself is OK

Why Making Time for Myself is OK

Jorian Seay, My Black is Beautiful Ambassador, shares why it’s important to make time for herself, even as a new mom.

By: Jorian Seay

When I found out that I was going to be a mom, I made myself a promise: I would participate in all of the mommy-and-me activities I could. I would start teaching my son Spanish at an early age so that he would be bilingual. And lastly, I would prioritize making time for myself.

The latter of those promises was the one I was most adamant about keeping. I believed that being the best me was one of the most important things I could offer my child.


During the first few months of my son’s life I was having casual conversation with a friend about my life’s “new normal.” This “normal” included me feeling frumpy and unattractive at times. I expressed to her that although my son received a great deal of daily attention from me, I strived to consider my own needs, too. If I was feeling overly exhausted, I would sometimes ask a friend or relative to stop by so I could get some relief. If I was burdened by the stress of juggling my professional life and being a new mom, I carved out a few minutes to treat myself; something that required little to no brain power, so that I could exhale and live in the moment. While my friend thought I was being selfish, I knew I was doing the right thing for my son and me.


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What I quickly learned after my son’s birth is that if I was unhappy, exhausted or overwhelmed, I wasn’t able to be my best self for him. I would wake up grumpy instead of refreshed. I would lose my patience quickly when he spit up all over the outfit I had just spent the past 15 minutes putting on him. I wouldn’t enjoy being a new mom. Instead, I’d simply be going through the motions.

In practicing putting myself first, I was and still am more able to retain my patience, happiness and zest for life. And, in turn, my son gets the absolute best I have to offer!

My advice to my fellow moms — although it will be difficult at times, love yourself enough to make time for yourself. Your mind, body, soul and little one will thank you!

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