Got 20 Minutes? You Can Stay Fit This Season

Got 20 Minutes? You Can Stay Fit This Season

This holiday season, squeeze in a little time each day for you.

Fried plantains. Long weekends. Pasteles. Tamales. Panettone. Lazy meals. Ponche. Turrón. Churros with chocolate caliente. Dulces!

The holidays are a special time, full of love and memories. Of family, of laughter, of rich food and busy schedules. And between all of that, it's hard to squeeze in time to focus on your health. Or time for exercise. Or for wellbeing.

But the thing is, the season of love should be about loving yourself, too. And in our book, that means setting aside a little bit of time for yourself, everyday. Time for good food choices, for a dose of stress relief and for a quick round of physical activity. Because it's all about balance, ¿verdad?

5 Minutes: Food Prep

Food is a tough one. You're absolutely surrounded by the most delicious and tempting food – things that you only eat a few times a year. It's natural to forage for your favorites. It's good to indulge. It's healthy to put your happiness, your memories and your traditions first.

All that said, our approach is to sneak just five minutes a day, everyday, to quick-prep a few guilt-free snacks and meals. It can be as simple as stocking the fridge with Greek yogurt and stuffing the pantry with nuts (pistachios give you great bang for your calorie buck). If you have a bit more time, boil some eggs or whip up a batch of quinoa to last the week. The key is to have healthy, delicious choices at the ready.

5 Minutes: Stress Relief


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Let's be honest – the winter months are stressful. There's visiting family (or being the visitor). There are huge, complex meals to prep. There's planning and long drives and coordination and a million other things to think about.

Maintaining your sanity can sometimes fall through the cracks. So here's the rule: Dedicate five minutes – just five itty bitty minutes – to doing something to nurture your inner Zen. Strike a yoga pose. Meditate. Heck, steal your kid's colored pencils and go to town on an adult coloring book. Just do something.

10 Minutes: A Short Exercise Routine

I know what you're going to say: 10 minutes for exercise? What a joke!

Al contrario , my friends. Just 10 minutes a day can do wonders for you this season. Not only can you work up a great sweat in 10 minutes – if you don’t believe us, go run stairs for 5 minutes and let us know how you feel – but this tiny bit of exercise will set you up for a new year of fitness. Ten minutes a day now means motivation tomorrow. It means routine. It means stamina. And it means healthy body image. It's a better 2016, starting in 2015.

So have fun. Laugh. And remember to love yourself.

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