Always #LikeAGirl: Keep Going

Join Always in our mission to boost girls’ confidence by encouraging them to keep going #LikeAGirl.
At puberty, 50 percent of girls feel paralyzed by the fear of failure, with 80 percent of girls feeling that societal pressure to be perfect drives this fear of failure*. This leads to girls avoiding trying new things because they’re too afraid to fail. But the truth is, failing is a good thing! It helps us learn, grow and ultimately build confidence. For more than three decades, we’ve empowered girls worldwide by educating millions about puberty and their cycle, so they can feel confident. Join us in our epic battle to stop the drop in confidence girls experience at puberty by encouraging all girls to Keep Going #LikeAGirl. Share in the comments section how you try, fail, learn & Keep Going #LikeAGirl to inspire others to do the same.

*Based on a 2017 study among U.S. girls aged 16 to 24.

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