10 Husbands Reveal What They Really Think About Their Fathers-in-Law

10 Husbands Reveal What They Really Think About Their Fathers-in-Law

10 Husbands Reveal What They Really Think About Their Fathers-in-Law

By Lorraine Allen

When we talk about in-laws, there’s always an underlying sense of possible disaster. You never know what the family you marry into will be like, or how you’ll get along with them. Sometimes in-laws are amazing, loving, welcoming, helpful additions to your life. But you never know! People often talk (and gripe) about their relationship with their mothers-in-law, but one relationship that’s equally as complex and almost never gets discussed is the one between husbands and their fathers-in-law. Ten husbands shared their honest opinions on their wife’s father, to shed some real light on this matter.

1. “My father-in-law’s an odd man, I think. I don’t understand him, at all, and I certainly don’t parent my kids the way he parented my wife growing up, but I still respect him. He’s a good person, even though we have nothing in common. We keep our distance, emotionally. Maybe it’s a man thing?” -- Ed, dad of 2, New York

2. “I get along really well with my father-in-law. We are both huge fans of the same baseball and football teams, so we talk about that a lot. We don’t go to games together or anything, but we’ll watch together on TV, or discuss players and scores. It keeps communication easy between us. We never discuss personal serious things together though. Not that I want to! -- Zack, dad of one, New York

3. “My father-in-law has been in really poor health since we got married so I don’t have much to say other than I wish he was healthy. I feel bad for the guy. We can’t do much with him, or really have much of a relationship. We just visit to say ‘hi’ with the kids, and send packages and photos. It’s sad.” -- Arlow, dad of two, Connecticut

4. “My father-in-law is a grump. I would never say that to my wife, but I think he’s a downer, honestly.” -- Phil, dad of 2, California

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5. “My wife’s dad has a temper, so we kind of stay away from him. We help each other out, like in emergency situations, but I would never open up to him, or leave the kids with him. He’s divorced and kind of a loner.” -- Ashton, dad of 2, North Carolina

6. “I think he’s great! He might be the quirkiest person I know, but he’s funny. We laugh a lot.” -- Gianmarco, dad of 3, New York

7. “I don’t know. Very mixed feelings. Some things I love about him, others drive me nuts. I wish he did not live down the road. Some distance would nice.” -- Najid, dad of two, New Jersey

8. “Sometimes I think he’s missing something, because he’s so distant. We’ll arrive to stay with my wife’s parents for a holiday, and he won’t even say ‘hi’ for three hours, like he hasn’t noticed us. Then, we’ll have a nice meal and good time all together, and not see him for three months, and barely talk to him. It’s a weird relationship, I have to say.” -- Brian, dad of one, New York

9. “I love him. He’s so much cooler and more fun that my own dad was. We’re pretty close. We hang out a lot.” -- Graham, dad of three, Texas

10. “My wife loves her dad, of course, but I think he’s a loser honestly. He never helps around the house, and his poor wife does everything for him. He’s not much of a family man. I think some women marry men who are just like their dads, and some, like my wife, marry men who are total opposites. That’s me and my father-in-law, for sure!” -- John, dad of three, New Jersey

What does your husband really think about his father-in-law?

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