10 Marriage Proposals Gone Terribly Wrong

10 Marriage Proposals Gone Terribly Wrong

You might be surprised at how easily a marriage proposal can turn into a total disaster.

By: Lorraine Allen

A marriage proposal is a big deal, of course. It changes the lives of both people involved, potentially forever. Often it’s a memorable, sweet, and romantic occasion. But sometimes despite all the thought, effort, and emotion behind these, the moment is a total failure, for any number of reasons. Here 10 women share some epic marriage proposal failures.

1. “My boyfriend thought it would be really funny to watch our favorite romantic comedy the night he was planning to propose to me. In the movie, the marriage proposal goes totally wrong and the guy loses his luggage with the ring in it. We were flying off on a romantic beach getaway, and he had the ring in his pocket. I threw up the whole way so he just watched the movie on his laptop alone. Just before we landed, I was feeling better so he got down on one knee in the plane and pulled out the gift box, but it was empty! He had totally lost the ring. He still has no idea how; he never found it. (But I said yes, so we got another one.)” -- Anne Marie R., Michigan

2. “I was newly married and pregnant when my old high school sweetheart showed up after disappearing from my life for four years and popped the question, saying he never stopped loving me, he just needed to ‘find himself’ before he could decide to settle down. It kind of broke my heart, but I had to say ‘too little, too late.’” -- Fiona B., Texas

3. “My boyfriend proposed to me out in a pretty field full of spring flowers. But when he got down on one knee, he knelt in a cow patty and was covered in dung.” -- Sue S., New York

4. “My husband had this whole romantic plan to propose to me by a waterfall on a hike one evening at sunset, but I was cleaning up and found the ring in his shorts by accident. So I ruined the whole surprise for myself. I’m still bummed, 10 years later!” -- Lorraine D., New York

5. “We were skiing at night when he proposed. It was so romantic and exciting. But 15 minutes later the ring fell off in the snow because my fingers were so cold, and we never found it.” -- Rita L., Massachusetts

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6. “I was coming back from deployment after being gone for over six months. My boyfriend was waiting for me at the airport, planning to propose when I landed. But my flight got canceled and delayed three times in a row, and then when I finally landed, he was so unnerved and excited and exhausted that he forgot to propose!” -- Meg S., California

7. “My husband made a delicious dinner the night he wanted to surprise me with a ring. He set the table, lit lots of candles, and then somehow set the dining room on fire right before I walked in the door.” -- Amisha B., New York


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8. “He wanted to propose to me at our favorite restaurant. He went to the bathroom and wanted to make sure the ring was still in his pocket, so he pulled it out, and it fell in the toilet. He had to get the manager involved and the maintenance guy to get it out. We still laugh about it.” -- Tina L., Connecticut

9. “We went sky diving and my boyfriend thought that would be an awesome time to propose, but I could not hear a thing he was screaming at me through the wind. I thought he was mad at me, or scared about something the whole time.” -- Jasmine A., Wisconsin

10. “When my husband proposed, he gave me his great-grandma’s ring, which was amazing but still needed to be resized, so I kept it next to my bed in a dish. The next morning it was gone! It took us a month to figure out our dog had eaten it.” -- Ellen N., South Carolina

How did your marriage proposal go?

Lorraine Allen is a writer, and mom and personal chef to one spunky 6-year-old girl with severe food allergies. You can enjoy their delicious recipes and follow their amusing family cooking adventures at Feeding Lina.

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