10 Moms Splurge on Themselves! -- And the World's a Happier Place

10 Moms Splurge on Themselves! -- And the World's a Happier Place

Sometimes a mom has to take care of herself and it always feels so good.

By: Lorraine Allen

Moms shop a lot. We buy food, bandages, school supplies, party favors … It’s not often we buy something expensive or special, but sometimes, a mom just needs to indulge. Here, 10 moms reveal their favorite splurges and how the indulgences made them feel.

1. “I spent $380 last winter on a spa day after taking care of my sick family for four non-stop, brutal, sleepless weeks. I just needed to be cared for and pampered for a day. It felt amazing.

2. “For our 10th anniversary, I booked a fancy hotel room with great room service, an amazing bar, and a huge soaking tub with a view. It was such a treat; we’ll never forget that fun night!”

3. “I once bought $200 designer shoes in turquoise -- after coveting them for months at full price of $400. It felt so good to wear something that felt so incredibly me.”

4. “When my mom passed, I bought a $200 locket to put her photo inside and had it engraved so I could keep her close to my heart, literally. I treasure it.”

5. “Our basement was damp and dark, and I thought I was going to lose my mind. We were so cramped in our tiny house, so I splurged and had the whole basement waterproofed and redone with cedar wall siding, plush carpeting, lighting, AND new furniture. Now it’s this awesome den -- the kids love it, and I have more space and quiet, which I relish.”

6. When one mom found her first gray hairs, she splurged on a high-end salon. “I got a hip new cut and colored my hair for the first time -- I wanted it to be a positive experience and I’m so glad I did not go cheap. I felt like a TV star, and it gave me confidence that I could age gracefully.”

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7. “When I turned 40, I booked a ticket to Ireland to visit an old friend and enjoy an adventure without family. It was so rejuvenating and enlightening. I only wish it lasted longer!”


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8. “I was so tired of walking around in t-shirts and sweatpants, looking awful,” says a mom of four. “So one day I spent $400 on the most beautiful coat. It’s so warm, and stylish. I can throw it over any old outfit and instantly look good. I just love it.”

9. “After my kid fully recovered from chemo, we were so exhausted and relieved at the same time -- I wanted to do something special. I booked a weekend getaway for me and my husband so we could reconnect. It was so peaceful. I’ll always hang on to that.”

10. One mom reveals that she once spent $220 on dinner with her best friend. “I was so tired of preparing food for my family all the time; my friend suggested we just go all-out and indulge in an amazing meal. It was soooo delicious and luxurious and fun. It felt like a vacation!”

What’s the best thing you’ve ever splurged on?

Lorraine Allen is a writer, and mom and personal chef to one spunky 5-year-old girl with severe food allergies. You can enjoy their delicious recipes and follow their amusing family cooking adventures at Feeding Lina.

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