10 Simple Ways for Busy Couples to Stay Connected

10 Simple Ways for Busy Couples to Stay Connected

Women share the sweet, silly ways they stay close to their partners when life gets busy.

By Wendy Robinson

Sometimes it feels like the older my kids get, the busier our life seems. There are so many moving pieces between work, school, playdates, swim lessons, and soccer that my husband and I often feel like ships passing in the night.

While it would be great to have a weekly date night, that just isn’t feasible for us these days. Instead, I’m totally going to steal some of these ideas, which even the busiest couples can find time for:

1. “Long term, we go to therapy together without the kids, but for day to day, we [recap] highs and lows at bedtime, if I don’t pass out from exhaustion first.” – Jenn R.

2. “We text each other often during the day: ‘Thinking of you,’ ‘Hi,’ ‘Love you!’ Or sometimes naughty things even if we never get to do them as often as I would like.” –Kristina M.

3. “We go for walks together after dinner and have long, rambling conversations at night before bed.” – Katie H.

4. “We try to cook together on the weekends and sit down as a family most evenings and talk about our days. We also try and go out for a nice grown-up dinner at least once a month.” – Leslie B.

5. “We chat online all day at work.” – Sarah T.

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6. “We make a point of reading the Sunday newspaper together. We put on a movie for the kids and eat bagels in bed while reading each other interesting stories. I think it reminds us of the lazy weekend mornings before we had kids.” – Nancy S.

7. “There is a grocery store here that has child care (best invention ever!) so we drop the kids off there, get a coffee and grocery shop together. Sounds silly but it gives us time to talk.” – Corina V.


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8. “Don’t tell our priest, but last week we put our son in the church nursery and went back to our car and took a nap in the backseat together during the church service. We are so tired that it was better than a date night.” – Beryl R.

9. “We read a book together at night. We take turns each reading a chapter out loud before we go to sleep. It is nice to literally be on the same page with him!” – Morgan H.

10. “He would totally die if his buddies found out, but he gets up early every morning to do workout videos with me. I’m trying to get into shape and he wants to be supportive so now we do dance cardio in the basement. Watching him suffer through lunges with me makes me feel close to him.” – Jeannie S.

Hmm, I wonder if I can get my husband to join me in some fat-blasting salsa dancing …

What helps you stay connected with your partner when things get busy?

Wendy Robinson is a writer, working mom, and graduate student. Someday she'd like to sleep in again. She also blogs at www.athleticmonkey.wordpress.com.

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