11 Women Reveal What Their Husbands Do to Make Them Fall in Love All Over Again

11 Women Reveal What Their Husbands Do to Make Them Fall in Love All Over Again

Women share the little things that make hearts flutter even after years with their spouse.

By Lauren Brown

I’ll never forget one of the first nights home after my daughter was born. I was tired, the baby wasn’t sleeping, I was navigating breastfeeding, and I thought I was never going to feel normal or sleep again. It was late, close to midnight, and my husband held our tiny, crying bundle in his arms and started singing “You Are My Sunshine” quietly into her ear. She was asleep seconds later, and I was a crying mess. Sure, my hormones were crashing, but I was more in love with my husband in that moment than I think I was on our wedding day. He wasn’t trying to be romantic or make some grand gesture, he was just being himself in an authentic place of true love. Those moments are rare, but they are so worth holding onto when they arrive.

Here, 11 other women share the little things in those most ordinary of moments that make them fall in love with their husbands all over again!

1. “When my son was a baby, I caught my husband checking on him and watching him sleep almost every day. He’s always been a daddy's boy. I still catch him watching him sleep sometimes.” -- Briony K., Holland, Michigan

2. “Just the way he looks and talks to my dear son. He is so patient with him.” -- Helen N., Ontario, Canada

3. “When I am feeling blah, he always walks in the door, stares, and whispers just how beautiful I am. I also write to-do lists and grocery lists, and somewhere on there, he squeezes in, ‘I think you're gorgeous/hot/sexy,’ and ‘I love you and hope this makes you smile.’ It always does!” -- Brenda M., Baltimore, Maryland

4. “My husband writes me notes in the morning. I find them in my computer when I open my laptop just telling me how much he loves me and to have a great day. Now he tells me how much he loves me and our baby.” -- Michele T., Los Angeles, California

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5. “It's the little things. We're a tech-filled family with very different schedules, so when I wake up and see my husband has plugged in my phone to charge it without me even asking, I know he was thinking of me first thing in the morning and that makes me smile.” -- Patty M., Manhattan, New York

6. “My husband still brings me flowers for no reason.” -- Kristen B., Queens, New York

7. “No matter how hard his day is or how much he wants to watch his own thing, he faithfully watches reality shows with me because he knows I haven't gotten to sit down either, and it's more important to be with me.” -- Mary W., Charlotte, North Carolina


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8. “I swear I think my hubby thinks I'm a supermodel ... at least he looks at me like I'm one. Even when I haven't taken a shower in 48 hours!” -- Noreen K., Manhattan, New York

9. “When my son was little and I was breastfeeding, my husband would come home from work and go straight to the kitchen to make dinner. He would then do the dishes and sterilize my bottles, because he knew I would be getting up at night to feed. He also did the 10 p.m. feeding so I could sleep, and even when Jack woke up at night, he would change his diaper first then let me breastfeed. He also still keeps the monitor by him because I cannot sleep with it near me. And he still thinks I look sexy now that I’m 26 weeks pregnant with our second child!” -- Nicole C., Norwalk, Connecticut

10. “My husband never complains about the housework or cleaning -- unlike me. He helps out in any way he can -- poopy diapers, unloading the dishwasher, cooking dinner. Gives me time to breathe and look at my little perfect family. We are in this together!” -- Pearl S., Stamford, Connecticut

11. “Every night when he gets home from work, no matter how good or bad the day, my husband comes in and has huge smiles for our girls. Some days, he'll play hide and seek when he sees them and other days, he just comes in and gives hugs and kisses. Just seeing how happy he is to see them melts my heart.” -- Robyn A., Livingston, New Jersey

What does your husband do that makes you fall in love all over again?

Lauren Brown is a freelance writer and pop culture junkie/expert who just took on her most exciting and exhilarating assignment yet – new mom to an adorable baby girl!

Image ©iStock.com/JillLang

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