11 Women Share the New Year’s Resolutions They Actually Kept

11 Women Share the New Year’s Resolutions They Actually Kept

Prepare to be inspired by these stories of New Year’s resolution success!

By: Wendy Robinson

I used to think that, when it came to New Year’s resolutions, there were two kinds of people: those like my friend Cindy who don’t sent them and say, “I think of New Year's resolutions the same way I think of tattooing your lover's name on your body -- a guarantee for failure,” and those like me who set them and then fail to achieve them, year after year.

But it turns out that I was wrong. There is a third group: those who set AND keep their resolutions. Let’s find out more about this rare breed:

1. “A holiday picture STUNNED ME into the realization that I was overweight. I cried, then thought, ‘You can fix this! Now is the time!’ I bought a cheap elliptical with the goal of 15 minutes a day, five days a week. I DID IT. Thirty-pound weight loss that I have kept off for three years.” -- Nadja A.

2. “Last New Year's I resolved to start running. It took me until early March (after I quit my job) to actually start, but I'm still running 10-12 miles a week, I've lost nearly 20 pounds, I feel great, and I love it!” -- Kari S.

3. “After having a [light bulb] moment with my doctor, I had to mend my poor diet ways. I made it a mission to make it six weeks and see what happened. Once you make it to the six-week mark, anything you are trying to do usually sticks … It curbed my fast food habit.” -- James T.

4. “I was watching a marathon of [a weight-loss show] on New Year’s Day and it inspired me to get off the couch and go for a walk. I could only do about a mile that first day but I just set a goal to keep going a little more each day and eventually I lost about 40 pounds and have now run three marathons. You have to start small though!” -- Michelle R.

5. “Mine wasn’t fitness related, it was financial! I made a resolution to get myself out of $20,000 in credit card debt. It felt daunting at first, but I laid out a plan on paper and gave copies to some people in my life who would hold me accountable, which helped. Now I don’t have the debt and am working on building savings. My resolution for 2015 is to get to $20,000 in savings!” -- Andi D.

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6. “I have no attention span, so I only have success with short-term goals. So I’ve had success with things like “no clothes shopping in January” and “exercise 20 times in February.” … I like a fresh resolution every month.” -- Tricia J.

7. “It sounds silly, but it was a stretch for me -- I resolved to put myself out there a bit more last year in terms of dating. I’m a divorced mom and I finally am trying the plunge into online dating. I haven’t met ‘the one’ yet, but I did do something that made me nervous and survived, so I count that as a win.” -- Gayle S.


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8. “I put money on it and I am cheap so I hate wasting money. I did a fitness/weight loss challenge with a group of friends and ended up losing 18 pounds and winning $56!” -- Andrea M.

9. “Accountability was huge for me. I started a food and fitness blog and posted daily about my activities. I don’t have many readers but knowing someone is reading keeps me honest. And I’m down 45 pounds from last year.” -- Chloe C.

10. “I signed up for a 10K in June when I couldn’t run a mile in January. Fear of coming in last was my motivation!” -- Amy W.

11. “I signed up for the same 10K as Amy and fear of Amy beating me was my motivation! Strength in numbers, along with a healthy sense of sisterly competition, did it for me.” -- Leslie W.

Are you setting any resolutions this year?

Wendy Robinson is a writer, working mom, and graduate student. Someday she'd like to sleep in again. She also blogs at www.athleticmonkey.wordpress.com

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