11 Women Share What They Admire Most About Their Best Friends

11 Women Share What They Admire Most About Their Best Friends

Women share the qualities of their best friends that they admire the most.

By: Maressa Brown

From aspirational photos to quotes that lift your spirit, it’s not hard to use a search engine to find all forms of inspiration these days. But nothing beats feeling inspired by your nearest and dearest. In fact, our best friends may very well be our best friends because we admire them so much. Here, 11 women share the one thing they applaud the most about their best friends.

1. “She’s amazing, intelligent, successful, funny, sweet, loyal, and beautiful, and all that great stuff that a best friend makes. But the fact that we’ve managed to stay BFFAE even while 800 miles apart really impresses me most. That’s truly admirable!”

2. “My best friend does not give in to mommy guilt. At all. And I admire that. She doesn't sweat things like organic milk every time or worry about attending every single school event. She knows her limitations -- both financial and emotional -- and it's very refreshing.”

3. “I love how my best friend doesn't let my daughter push her around. One time recently, when my friend was over and she and I were trying to have a conversation, my daughter kept interrupting. So my friend told her, ‘How would YOU like it if I interrupted you every time you try to talk to Mommy?’ And then she demonstrated what it was like, interjecting nonstop as my daughter tried to talk to me. My daughter was giggling by the end, but she got the point, too!”

4. “I admire how she's always putting her boys first. At one point, she was a single mom because she chose her son over her husband. That takes a lot of bravery and a lot of love, and I love her for it!”

5. “Her devotion to always improving her life. In the past few years, I’ve watched her reach amazing milestones -- from buying a house all by herself to leaving her ho-hum job to run her own private therapy practice full time. Her get-up-and-go is really impressive!”

6. “I admire so much about my best friend that it is hard to pick just one thing! The thing I admire most though is her ability to see the best in people and situations. She is always laughing and smiling and able to look on the bright side of things.”

7. She is incredible at setting goals and achieving them. From marathons to starting her own business to losing weight, she sets a goal and finds a way to achieve it no matter how long it takes. She inspires me to do the same.”

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8. “I admire how my best friend treats her body well and has insane willpower! She is recently pregnant, and she is still following a vegetarian diet and going to barre class five times a week, whereas I would sleep all day and eat an extra 2,000 calories!”

9. “She’s someone everyone loves immediately. I’m not like that. She’s sophisticated and smart without being a snob. Totally enviable -- and admirable!”

10. “She's so strong! She stands up for herself and never lets anyone take advantage of her. That’s something I definitely lack in myself!”

11. “I truly admire how much of a peacekeeper and how big-hearted my best friend is. No matter how stressed out or busy she is, she’ll always go out of her way to be there for her loved ones.”

What do you admire most about your best friend?

Maressa Brown is a senior staff writer for The Stir. She loves writing about and reading up on health/fitness, relationships, and pop culture -- preferably on a beach somewhere.

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