12 Honeymoon Horror Stories You’ll Never Forget

12 Honeymoon Horror Stories You’ll Never Forget

You won’t believe how these dream vacations turned into nightmares.

By: Leah Maxwell

We’ve all heard the saying “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” but how about the related sentiment “A bad day makes for a good story”? That’s the one that kept running through my mind as I read honeymoon horror stories from women who may not have had the best vacations with their new husbands but at least came out the other side with unforgettable tales to tell.

1. “We stayed in a lovely old hotel on Mackinaw Island in Michigan and were just settling in for the night when a bat suddenly appeared in the room, flapped around in a panic, and DOVE UNDER OUR BED. AND WE COULD NOT FIND IT. Hotel clerk’s initial response: ‘Eh, it’s an old building. We get bats.’ We asked to change rooms, but the new room was not nearly as nice as the first, so we went back to the original room, flipped the bed over, and conducted a thorough search. No bat. So we decided to assume that he had left.” – Angela, 39, Seattle, Washington

2. “A Category 5 hurricane was scheduled to bulldoze right over Jamaica the day after we were leaving. We sat through many hurricane evacuation planning meetings at our resort and flew home in the biggest airplane I’d ever seen. (They brought in military planes to get people off the island.) That made things interesting.” -- Gaby V., 31, central Illinois

3. “We had our rental car broken into when we stopped for lunch on the way to the airport to fly home. They took our carry-ons -- two laptops, prescription glasses, medications, and ALL the gift cards we got for our wedding. We only had those things with us because we got married out of state and had nowhere to store the stuff while on the honeymoon. And then we had to cancel our credit/debit cards because the info was on our computers. We had to drive from California to New Orleans without any debit or credit cards.” -- Katie L., 35, Orange County, California

4. “My husband got a horrible heat rash and sunburn on our second-to-last day. He couldn’t stand to have anything or anyone touch him.” -- Ginger W., 35, Carlsbad, California

5. “We got in a car accident on the way back from our honeymoon -- flipped the rental car several times, totaling it. Not nice. We flew to Canada the next day covered in bruises. Not the comfiest flight ever. (The other driver was on his phone -- jerk.)” -- Catriona R., 36, Stirling, Scotland

6. “We set our bedside table on fire during first-night ‘activities.’ Luckily we caught it quickly and only a camera strap was ruined.” -- Kathleen F., 32, Katy, Texas

7. “My husband got food poisoning, and the next day I started my period. He went out looking for supplies anyway.” -- Linnea W., 34, Dallas, Texas

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8. “Ours was a cruise. Our room had two twin beds across the room from each other ...” -- Christina P., 37, Columbus, Ohio

9. “Where to begin … Our honeymoon cash was stolen during the wedding ceremony, a small electrical fire led to the temporary evacuation of our reception, and my husband had a bad reaction to ice cream we ordered on our wedding night and spent the first two days of our Kauai honeymoon on the toilet. On Day 3, after finally having a nice dinner in town, we noticed the road back to our beach house was covered in frogs. Hundreds of frogs! But the reason the frogs were lining up was waiting inside the house. Thousands of flying bugs swarmed -- they covered the TV screen and filled the toilet, and the carpets looked like they were moving. The frogs were lined up the entire length of the house trying to get in. My husband gathered our things and drove us to a hotel. For months after we got home, we were pulling tiny insect wings out of shoes and clothes.” – Karen L., 43, Sacramento, California

10. “We got stuck in the resort elevator on our last night there! It took a couple hours to get us out, and I almost peed myself.” -- Faith P., 34, Whitby, Ontario, Canada

11. “We got married on March 16, 1993. That was when the blizzard of ’93 hit. Our wedding night was spent on my mom and dad’s kitchen floor on an air mattress with a house full of people!” -- Pamela H., 44, Greeneville, Tennessee

12. “We only had a one-night honeymoon, and the biggest disaster was how much they charged us for room service pizza.” -- Lisa G., 49, Arkansas

Did you survive any disasters on your honeymoon? Share your stories in the comments below!

Leah Maxwell is a book editor, freelance writer, cereal addict, wife, and mom to two young boys. She has been blogging at A Girl and a Boy since 2003.

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My husband is diabetic. We traveled to Ireland for what was supposed to be a 7 day honeymoon. The day we were supposed to go home, heended up in an ambulance from the airport to the ER because his blood sugar was dangerously high. He had to be hospitalized and they wouldn't let me see him except during visiting hours. So I slept in the waiting room and ate vending machine food for 3 days. The day he was released, I got sick and we had to wait another day to go home. Unforgettable!

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