12 Moms Reveal What They Really Wish They Could Do on Spring Break

12 Moms Reveal What They Really Wish They Could Do on Spring Break

Winter’s been brutal, but that’s all the reason to dream of the perfect spring break.

By Lorraine Allen

This has not been a fun winter. Protection from the flu shot was reduced this season, there has been record snow, weeks of subzero temps that have frozen everything over, closed schools, collapsed roofs, and even halted public transportation all over the country. It’s been rough!

Luckily, there’s spring break to look forward to. And while most of us will not have the privilege of taking our families somewhere warm, we can still dream, right? Here, 12 moms share what they really wish they could do this spring break.

1. “Honestly, at this point, I would move. I would take the week, if I could, to relocate my family, my job, our whole lives, to somewhere where the sun always shines.” -- Lucia, New York

2. “I would love to spend the week on a ranch, riding horses. Just being out in the wide open, somewhere green, far, far away from my office.” -- Susannah, New York

3. “My dream has always been to go on safari. I don’t know if a week is long enough, but I’d take it! Spending spring break watching elephants parade sounds perfect.” -- Rose, Connecticut

4. “I just want to sit on a beach, with a good book. A quiet, beautiful, hot, sandy beach with my toes in the sand and a little paper umbrella in my drink.” -- Heather, Massachusetts

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5. “I wish I was going anywhere with my husband or friends without kids. With all this snow and freezing cold, I am seriously dreading being stuck at home for a week, working, and somehow entertaining three arguing kids with severe cabin fever. Ugh! Help me!” -- Christine, Maine

6. “I would love to take the whole family skiing. I’ve never been skiing, but I hear spring skiing is the best, because it’s warmer than the winter holidays. Sounds so fun!” -- Kate, New Jersey

7. “Somewhere with a hot tub or heated pool. Or both. My kids love pools, and I would love to just sit in a hot tub for a week at this point.” -- Sasha, New York

8. “Paris. My whole life I’ve dreamed of visiting Paris in the spring.” -- Leah, New York

9. “I would love to go to Colorado and ski. We have friends who moved there, and they look like they have the best spring breaks skiing with their kids!” -- Amy, Connecticut

10. “Mexico! We were actually going to, but then my husband got a new job, so we’re postponing it. I’m so disappointed. We were all really excited!” -- Ruby, Washington, D.C.

11. “I would go to culinary school in Tuscany. I saw an ad last year, and I’m obsessed. Sounds like a dream.” -- Joelle, California

12. “I would go on a cruise, with my whole entire family. It would be so fun!” -- Yasmine, New York

What do you wish you were doing this spring break?

Lorraine Allen is a writer, and mom and personal chef to one spunky 6-year-old girl with severe food allergies. You can enjoy their delicious recipes and follow their amusing family cooking adventures at Feeding Lina.

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