12 Secrets He Doesn’t Need to Know

12 Secrets He Doesn’t Need to Know

Lots of women have little secrets that their guys simply don’t need know.

By Wendy Robinson

Marriage is about love, commitment, and -- according to some of my happily married friends -- keeping a few innocent secrets to yourself! As someone who doesn’t believe my husband needs to know exactly how much of my fun money goes to overpriced coffee shop drinks, I can relate to these women and these minor little details they are in no hurry to share with their husbands:

1. He doesn’t need to know … “how much I spend at my favorite clothing store.” -Chelsea

2. “[My] weight with actual numbers …we talk about my health but never numbers.” -Suzy

3. “I totally knew when he was going to propose. I had snooped in his drawer and found the ring a month before. Longest month of my life.” -Melissa

4. “I have a very tiny little crush on his dad … he is kind of like the silver fox version of my husband, so I figure it is just like having a crush on a future version of my sweet hubby!” -Autumn

5. “I check the browser history on my husband’s computer every so often just to see where he surfs online. I trust him, but I just can’t help myself from a little curiosity.” -Amy

6. “I occasionally fake a migraine so I can go upstairs and play on my phone while he does bedtime duty.” –Jen

7. “He thinks my highlights are from the sun. He is wrong.” -Amanda

8. “My mom went through a horrible divorce so I was raised to believe that every woman needs to have her own money in a separate account, just in case. My long-term boyfriend doesn’t know that I have almost $10,000 stashed away.” -Christine

9. “He would be surprised at some of the rather smutty books on my electronic reader.” -Laura


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10. “I think his obsession with fantasy football is a bit silly, which is why I like to play and try to beat him. I don’t care about football at all, so when my random guesses beat his careful choices, it makes me laugh.” -Gracie

11. “The cologne I got him reminds me of my high school boyfriend.” -Sarah

12. “I tell my best friend everything. EVERYTHING. Sorry, honey.” –Allie

And in case my husband reads this … don’t worry, my coffee habit isn’t that bad. No need to discuss numbers!

Are you keeping any little secrets of your own?

Wendy Robinson is a writer, working mom, and graduate student. Someday she'd like to sleep in again. She also blogs at www.athleticmonkey.wordpress.com.

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I don't tell my husband every time I buy something for MY kids even though it is their child support that pays for it.

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