12 Unromantic Ways to Celebrate an Anniversary

12 Unromantic Ways to Celebrate an Anniversary

Sometimes happy couples end up having terrible anniversary celebrations.

By Wendy Robinson

To celebrate our first wedding anniversary, my husband and I took a long weekend trip to San Diego. We lounged on the beach, ate in fancy restaurants, and went shopping. For our second anniversary, we flew to San Francisco, where my husband ran his first marathon. After his race, we explored the city and had an amazing time soaking up the culture. For our third anniversary, we went to … the store.

Take a wild guess when kids entered the picture.

My husband and I have a great marriage, but our anniversaries have become total no-romance zones. We didn’t even remember to do cards this year, though I am hopeful maybe we’ll think of something special when our 10th anniversary rolls around this summer. If not, we might end up celebrating like these friends did:

By forgetting:

1. “We completely forgot our anniversary until my mother-in-law called to wish us a happy anniversary.” -- Barb R.

2. “We have to check the marriage certificate every year to verify the date and one or both of us is always wrong.” -- Annie A.

3. “My husband: ‘What do you want to do on Tuesday?’ Me: ‘I dunno, whatever.’ Him: ‘Um, Tuesday is our anniversary. I can't believe you forgot!’ Me: ‘I didn't forget! I just didn't realize that Tuesday was the 31st!’ Him: ‘Our anniversary is the 30th.’” -- Liz T.

By spending time in a hospital:

4. “We spent our first anniversary at the hospital so I could get IV fluids for dehydration from morning sickness.” -- Kate W.

5. “Our second anniversary we spent in the hospital. My hubby was having a tumor removed (luckily it turned out not to be cancer!).” -- Andrea A.

6. “Our first anniversary was in the middle of a 41-day inpatient stay for a terrible infection (him). I slept on a cot.” -- Tessa K.

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By working instead of having fun:

7. “We had a crew of friends over to help lay new floors … I also had to do a 24-hour pee collection for non-preeclampsia. I had to tell everyone, ‘Do NOT touch the cooler in the bathtub. That is my pee! Thanks, friends!’” -- Sarah B.


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8. “Cattle show. Yep. We celebrated our anniversary scooping cattle poop and grooming cattle.” -- Mindy G.

9. “B. and I spent the first five or so anniversaries working at debate camp, which is dorky but maybe not unromantic.” -- Katie B.

By exchanging less-than-romantic gifts:

10. “I got a rice cooker.” -- Stacy S.

11. “I got him a pedometer and an exercise tracker. Whoops. Rookie mistake.” -- Elizabeth C.

12. “He gave me a certificate that showed he bought us side-by-side grave plots. So romantic!” -- Laurel M.

So, maybe just giving cards isn’t so bad after all.

Are anniversaries romantic in your life?

Wendy Robinson is a writer, working mom, and graduate student. Someday she'd like to sleep in again. She also blogs at www.athleticmonkey.wordpress.com

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