12 Women Share How They Keep Their Friendships Strong

12 Women Share How They Keep Their Friendships Strong

Women share the secret to their successful, strong friendships with other women.

By: Maressa Brown

Turns out, making friends as an adult is a challenge many of us didn’t see coming. Even keeping up with friends we’ve had for years can become more difficult as our lives fill up with work, spouses, children, and all the related responsibilities. Still, the benefits of friendship are so numerous that it pays to keep up with our nearest and dearest pals. Here, 10 women reveal what they do to keep their friendships strong.

1. “My group of friends has an ongoing group text that we chat in pretty frequently. So, whenever anyone has an update or some kind of news to share, we all know about it!”

2. “My best friend and I talk about everything, multiple times a day, via email. When we really need to, we chat on the phone. I think of her, my sister, and my husband as the three most important people in my life and try to treat them all that way!”

3. “My best friend and I will either meet at one of our homes and catch up on shows together or go out to some place like a restaurant or a movie. We make sure that we have time for each other, even if it's just staying home and talking.”

4. “My friends of 30 years have tried to have a dinner get-together on Wednesday nights. It used to be every week but as we have gotten older, it’s more like every other. Still, we try to keep the tradition!”

5. “My best friend and I are on different sides of the nation, and we're still close enough that our periods sync up! We talk daily, whether through text, Facebook, or on the phone, and we try to get together in person at least once a year. No matter what is going on in our lives, we will both drop everything for the other person.”

6. “My best friend is also a mom, and she works just like I do. We sometimes go for days without any contact. Not because anything is wrong but just because of life. When we are able, we meet up to go swimming with the kids or go to the park.”


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7. “Since meeting up in person can be tough sometimes, particularly if a friend lives far away, I set up regular phone dates with my friends. The conversation flows almost like we're meeting in a café together!”

8. “I definitely think you have to make time to spend together. It is just not the same with text, email, or even phone calls, though those are second best. I’ve had too many friends let the ‘seeing each other’ thing slide by the wayside. My best friend and I live close to each other, and even when a baby came along for her, she made time to see me, and I, her.”

9. “Because we live 1,000 miles apart, we send each other funny cards -- usually with squirrels because we both get such a kick out of them -- or other funny, random trinkets or notes as a reminder that we miss and are always game for a laugh with one another.”

10. “After college, my best friend and I ended up in two different cities. Now, every Sunday, we have a standing FaceTime date to catch up on everything from the past week.”

11. “One of my friends I met because our children were in the same class together. They had a crush on each other! I'll call her, she'll call me. We email each other. Another friend was my daughter's kindergarten teacher, and we have breakfast together on Sunday mornings.”

12. “I have had the same best friend for 20 years. When I got married and moved out of state, we discovered we missed each other very much. Facebook just didn't seem to cut it. So we invested in a computer game together! We play every night for two hours after our families are in bed.”

How do you keep your friendships strong?

Maressa Brown is a senior staff writer for The Stir. She loves writing about and reading up on health/fitness, relationships, and pop culture -- preferably on a beach somewhere.

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